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Reggio Calabria Airport Car Hire Quote

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Via Ravagnese 144, Reggio Di Calabria, 89131 (Italy)
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Reggio Calabria (2.1 miles)
Via Aspromonte, 18/c, 89127
Messina (9.7 miles)
Via Vittorio Emanuele Ii, 7, Messina, 98122
Milazzo (24.4 miles)
Via Giorgio Rizzo 138, Milazzo, 98057, Sicilia
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Via San Pancrazio 7/9, Taormina, Sicily, 98039
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Via Recanati, 21, Giardini Di Naxos, 98030
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Ss 111 Km 7 E 600, Cannava, 89016
Riposto (33.9 miles)
Piazza Marinai D¿italia, 7/9 C/o Grand Hotel Yachting Palace, C/o Grand Hotel Yachting Palace, Riposto, 95018
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Car Hire Reggio Calabria Airport

Before discussing about Reggio Calabria Airport, it is best that we talk a bit about the city and its environs. Right at the bottom of the Italian Cape, Reggio is described as the ‘toe. ’ It is right next to Sicily and is only separated by the Strait of Messina. With a decent size population, the city is at the Southern part of Italy and is at the slope of Aspromonte mountain range. Apart from the white sandy beaches that attract a large number of tourists, the mountain ranges and Aspromonte National Park also brings in many visitors from Italy and outside. If you are looking for cheap car hire Reggio Calabria Airport then compare prices with us.

Also referred to as Aeroporto dello Stretto and Tito Minniti Airport, Reggio Calabria Airport is the connection between the city of Reggio and the outside world. Its history started in 1908 but inauguration was halted due to an earthquake. However, due to military usage it was reopened in 1939 and opened to the public in 1947. For 65 years, Reggio Calabria Airport has served the whole of the city without any failure, each and every year bringing visitors. At 1. 8 kilometers, the runway can accommodate small and medium-sized jets. With this information, one can know that it is not an international airport. Most of the times, it’s used to connect flights and land chartered planes. With over 13 destinations in Europe, the airlines affiliated with Reggio Calabria Airport have constantly been around.

As soon as you leave the terminal, you will see the parking and curb where you can board either a bus or taxi and you’ll be taken to the city or anywhere you want. Car rental companies have their offices in Reggio and other Italian cities. One such rental company is the Reggio Calabria airport car rental where their offices can be found in the airport terminal. They make deals according to your needs and will help in saving some money that you’ll spend in another way. If renting a car is not your thing, then consider booking a taxi as soon as you clear at the passenger terminal. Reggio Calabria Airport has contact information of all the taxis in the airport vicinity. You pick up the phone at the passenger terminal desk and call for a taxi. Time taken from the airport to the city has been shortened since there is an exit straight to the highway. This cut’s the total trip time by half and you’re able to get to the city much faster than before. Car hire Reggio Calabria Airport is the best way to view near by attractions.

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