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Car Hire Isafjordur Airport

Isafjordur Airport lies a mere 5 KM from Isafjordur town. While some may be willing to walk the distance, a car rental would be advisable. Besides, you could navigate elsewhere to other nearby exotic towns. Renting a car would be the best bet to access rugged activities in natural surroundings that sap the energy but boost the spirits. If you are looking for cheap car hire Isafjordur Airport then compare prices with us.

Pretty little Isafjordur is the capital of secluded Iceland’s western fjords. Two daily fights connect Reykjavik, the capital, with the western capital. Your flight would form an exceptional introduction to immaculate nature. You would get to witness the breathtaking fjords and surreal mountains from the aircraft windows.

Isafjordur is a salient town by Iceland’s standards with a modest population of 3000. Best known for fierce natural beauty, the western capital is a pristine little place. Remoteness yet possesses animated paraphernalia of art and culture. An innovative vacation experience in mystic isolation for nature lovers! A rented car becomes a comrade when you encounter remoteness after familiarity with crowds and noise. Car hire Isafjordur Airport is the best way to view near by attractions.

Drive down from Isafjordur Airport contentedly in the relatively inexpensive rented car. Specify the kind of vehicle you need. Golf course, swimming pool, art gallery and the maritime museum are some charming town attractions.

Teeming wildlife and outdoor adventures wait after you leave Isafjordur Airport. Vigur Island requires a boat ride to experience birds in their natural habitat. Arctic tern, puffin and eider duck make Vigur Island a bird watcher’s paradise.

Awesome Dynjandi leaves the observer breathless. The seven waterfalls reach a height of 100 meters amidst spectacular beauty to lull you into exotic dreams. Hornstrandir forms a natural reserve at the peninsula located nearby, an important trading center in the 16th century. For the robust traveler, sea kayaking, sailing and mountain biking are the challenges. The flavor of outdoor adventure rejuvenates body and mind.

A rental car would also escort you to Bolungarvík 15 KM away and Súðavík towards the east. Bolungarvík connects with Isafjordur both by road and a road tunnel. Flateyri and Suðureyri are petite towns in the west. Make your Isafjordur camp a base to travel around the other nearby towns to refresh weary minds. Souls yearn for an escape from the humdrum of civilization.

After the Isafjordur immense fishing trade for centuries, the industry has suffered due to complex reasons. Exploring the town or the arts and music scene, the unique happenings in nature’s hotspots would remain riveted in the memory. Lost to history and time, Iceland is a dream too good to be true.

Don't hesitate about exploring the local area and book your car hire Isafjordur Airport with us today.

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