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Car Hire Tegucigalpa Airport

You will have made the right choice to visit Honduras through Tegucigalpa Airport as your entry point. The airport is well located in a central point making accessibility to and from easy. The roads leading to the airfield are not heavily affected by traffic snarl-up while car hire services are always reliable and affordable. This is one of the airports in the world where multiple car rental services are offered right at the terminals. The moment you arrive, a taxi will be waiting for you and their services are the best.

Sometimes, people say renting taxis is expensive but the good thing is that you will get value in return. Cars for hire that you will get at Tegucigalpa Airport are very comfortable and highly reliable. You should not be worried even when you land at night because these services are available on a 24-hour schedule. You are strongly advised against using public means of transport because you will end up spending a lot of time on the road. In addition, public buses lack privacy which will be very vital for you as a tourist. Make sure you have negotiated for a better price from the car hire company you engage.

Moving Around

After landing at Tegucigalpa Airport, you need not get worried about how you will move around from one point to another. Several options are available for your consideration. Taxis are very fast and should be your top contemplation. The cost of hiring a taxi will be determined by number of passengers it carries and time of the day since it’s expensive at night than during the day. The more passengers you have the more you pay. There are also buses with several designated stops where you can pick one but make sure you know its destination before boarding.

Where to Stay

For a place to spend the night, choose any of the following hotels which are not very far from Tegucigalpa Airport:

  • Hotel Nankin Cost - it is as cheap as just 10 dollars for a single night one person. If you don’t have a family with you, consider sleeping there.
  • Real InterContinental Tegucipalga - at this hotel, you will enjoy making a choice from as many rooms as 157, there are seven suites and executive floors for special guests. Additionally, there is a sports bar and coffee shop.
  • Tegucigalpa Marriott Hotel - the hotel is located about six miles from Tegucigalpa Airport. There, you will get an executive lounge, private outdoor pools, meeting rooms and fitness center among other key amenities.
  • Palmira Hostel - it is in the neighborhood of the airport and accessing it might not even need car hire services. There are supermarkets, restaurants, banks and malls around so you will be sorted out in all your needs.
  • Hotel Reynieri - this is one of the few hotels around Tegucigalpa Airport that operate on a round-the-clock basis. It is a very cheap option even though taxis at the airport take advantage of that to charge more. Your joy should be getting somewhere to stay even when you land at night.

Other Nearby Locations

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