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Car Hire Tbilisi Airport

Tbilisi airport is the main airport serving the nation of Georgia. It handles both local and international flights seeing thousands of tourists flowing into the country annually. From the main city center, the airport is located a distance of 17km southeast.

If you have come to Georgia for a holiday trip, a car rental right from the airport is a good idea as your transport arrangement. Besides making the 17km to the town safely and privately, a car rental will also get you to most of the attractions around town.

Activities at Tbilisi

There is so much to see and do in this Georgian town. From exploring some of the most pristine natural features in the world to indulging in mini activities on a good-weather day, Tbilisi is just the place to give you nostalgic moments.

  • Irakli Kapanadze - for those who are extreme sports lovers, Tbilisi will be an ideal spot to try your first Paragliding experience. Iralki is a professional paraglider who has been doing it for years. He gives tourist their first hair raising experience gliding across the town’s sea and around terrains close to the main town.
  • Abanotubani - the Abanotubani is a mass area of sulfur baths which are divided into male and female communal pools. This is an inexpensive treat to any local and tourist plus there are massage services in enclosed area just near the baths.
  • Hot Air Balloon rides - fancy watching Tbilisi from the sky? A sightseeing trip on a hot air balloon is just the way to go. For an hour it may cost you around 400 Euros for an hour’s flight. You can hop into a balloon with three of your friends and sail through the vanilla skies. It is a perfect moment for selfies and landscape photos.
  • City’s History Museum - this is a perfect place to learn how this great town came into existence and how it has developed over the years. There are thousands of artifacts and exhibits within the museum which you will get accounted in a one hour guided trip.
  • Rafting at Jomardi - this is a club that specializes in rafting on Georgian rivers. There are rafting services for all levels of people; from amateurs to the experienced tourists. The rafting takes about half your days through the Pshavis and Mtiuletis Aragvi.

Tbilisi is a hub for many other tourist attractions which are accessible in your car rental.

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