The 10 Weirdest Things Eaten By Travellers

The 10 Weirdest Things Eaten By Travellers - The Cobra Heart Shot

How weird can weird be? Well, just like beauty, weirdness doesn't have any limits too. You might find one thing in life weird and next day you will be coping with something weirder.

When it comes to foods travelers get to see a lot of weird stuff when they travel to different countries and try the many different cuisines of those places. These things could be weirder than your weirdest imaginations but eventually they are the specialties of those places and highly regarded too. For the 10 items given below you must have a strong gut and huge will power. If you don’t have those two things, you might want to abstain from trying these items.

The Cobra Heart Shot

Have you ever been accused of stealing someone’s heart? If you have done that already here’s something new you can try – eat a beating heart. When in Vietnam you will be served this delicious food in style. The cobra is sliced in front of you and from the ripped chest of the cobra comes out the beating heart that you have to eat before it stops beating.

Big Butt Ants

Enough with the walnuts and peanuts; it’s time to chew some butts – actually ant butts. Yes, when you are in Columbia you will love to enjoy this delicacy. The ants with their big behinds are soaked in salt for a night and presented to you for eating. You chew and pop them and the lemongrass flavor fills your mouth.

Cockroach Sushi

Japan is known for taking things to a new level and this time it’s the sushi that has been experimented with. The fish sushi is old and now is the time to enjoy the cockroach sushi. Want to try?

Urine-Soaked Eggs

You have eaten eggs no matter how much you deny. If not in their entirety or in the most famous omelet or half fry form, you have had them in baked stuff. In china you find this new delicacy of eggs that are soaked and submerged in the urine of young boys. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

Fried Tarantula

Running away from spiders is quite common but having them stir fried on your table for you to eat is something different. When you are in Cambodia you don’t want to miss this delicious tarantula stir fried with some taste of salt, oil and garlic.

Tacos With Grasshoppers And Worms

When in Mexico you can’t refuse from having one of these tacos containing the crunchy and crispy grasshoppers and worms. They have their own unique tastes and that’s the reason they are getting pretty popular in Mexico these days. Cooked in the local spices and served in tortilla they will make your taste buds go crazy.


Some people describe it as the worst and the most disgusting thing they have ever had. This fish, which cannot be eaten by humans when it is fresh, is put in the ground for decomposition for more than 3 months and then frozen before serving to make it taste like a popsicle. The worst thing is that it tastes like rotten food and the taste never goes away even after weeks of brushing at times.

Omelet Of Pig Brain

You think of eggs as soon as you hear the name omelet. Well, this time it’s something similar to eggs but not eggs. It’s pig brain that is served with some additional ingredients such as carrots and aubergines. That’s the food from Philippines.

The Coxcomb Sauce

You have seen the coxcomb on the head of a hen but you would have never thought of eating it. Visit France and Italy and you will get some tasty sauce made with this particular item. At times it will be used as a garnishing item as well.


The word is quite fascinating and brings thoughts of different things in different people’s minds. If you order this item in Argentina, where it is actually a delicacy, you will get sausages on your table. These sausages are made from blood and contained in a cow intestine firmly.