10 of the Most Bizarre Toilets Across the World

In many societies, it was a taboo to discuss toilet matters, but some are very bizarre that staying mum was impossible. The world has since opened up and people speak about issues affecting their lives with openness and confidence.

A toilet is one amenity that you will find very important in your life regardless of how it looks, like its construction and many other factors. However, you will be concerned about how some of these facilities are bizarre and 10 of such toilets will be discussed in this article.

High Tech Toilets, Japan

Soure: flickr/Jim Epler

There have been very minimal changes to the designs for toilets over the years. However, new ideas are coming up and computerized toilets are something of interest to the world. The high tech toilets are very bizarre and common with Japan as the country is very fast in embracing modern technology. Their features are more advanced than any other type of toilets and include heated seats, automatic lids and medical sensors for testing things like blood sugar, driers and even music among several other features.

German Toilets

Soure: flickr/Random McRandomhead

These are very common in Austria and Germany and are bizarre to say the least. They have an inspection shelf as the standout feature with its main role being catching the deposits from your body. This is a health benefit because you will be able to have an inspection of the deposits you leave behind and easily notice if you are suffering from a medical complication. It will be very easy to notice any worms in your deposits if at all there are any. The worst thing with these toilets is that you will require a mercy flush in getting rid of the bad odor.

Air Toilets, Africa

Soure: flickr/Timber Tank

These are commonly known as “flying toilets” and are used in slum areas especially in Africa. This toilet is just a plastic bag that is defecated and then thrown into the air and can land anywhere even in a neighbor’s house. It is very unhygienic and can lead to a breakout of contagious diseases like cholera and typhoid once it’s too prevalent. You will not want to see the effect of these toilets during rainy seasons because flooded waters are covered with human waste and the smell is awful to withstand.

Before Toilet Papers

Soure: flickr/bobistraveling

Toilet paper was not always in existence and only came to be used about 150 years ago. One would be tempted to wonder how people in the ancient times used to visit toilets without this very important thing. Some countries used a pitcher and the left hand to wipe up and that is how prejudice arose about left-handed people. Other people would use anything that they came across including corncobs, leaves and shells. That is all what defined the “before toilet papers” and it was truly bizarre for those people who lived during such times.

Urine Diversion Toilet, Malawi

Soure: flickr/SuSanA Secretariat

This is in Malawi and it’s among the unusual toilets that you can find in the world today. It is constructed in such a way that urine and deposits don’t go the same route but end up in the same place. It is very difficult to understand how the architects of this toilet were thinking but it can be clearer once you get to use it personally. Many toilets don’t have the requirements for deposits and urine to use different routes but people in Malawi know very well how important that is. Maybe its time that the whole world embraced this idea and it will help reduce the filthiness associated with toilets due to indiscriminate urination by careless users who don’t care about cleanliness.

Singapore Flush Fine, Singapore

Soure: flickr/shankar s.

There is everything bizarre about Singapore including their laws. You will risk arrest by chewing gums in the city state or even dealing with pornographic materials. The other bizarre aspect of Singapore is toilets where you will be prosecuted for using public toilets without flushing. There are police officers on standby to watch over people who use toilets badly and you will be fined heavily once found to be in the wrong. These bizarre toilets of Singapore can even scare away potential tourists.

Laos Toilets, Laos

Soure: flickr/Petr & Bara Ruzicka

Poverty levels in Laos are very high and this explains why their toilets are equally bizarre. The toilets are sort of makeshift structures and no paper is supplied. You must always carry your own paper when visiting a toilet in Laos because you will find nothing. These toilets are very unhygienic and not good for visitors at all who are used to hygienic and high quality toilets.

The Glass-Bottom Bathroom

Soure: flickr/ammme

As the name says, the floors of these toilets are made of glass thus transparent. It is always not a good thing seeing where the deposits coming out of your body are going and that makes the toilets very bizarre. Furthermore, the transparent nature of the floors can be scary since you will be feeling like you are falling into a hole. Such a toilet cannot be for the fainthearted and it’s among the bizarre options you can get in this world.

The Underwater Bathroom

Soure: commons.wikimedia.org

There are many underwater toilets today and this shows how some people can go to the extreme in becoming creative. An underwater bathroom will appear like a dream to many people but it’s true that many places, especially hotels in the coastlines have such toilets. The experience of using these bizarre facilities is wonderful as you will have breathtaking views of the waters as you do your thing.

The One-Way-Mirror Palace, London

Soure: flickr/FaceMePLS

This is a see-thru toilet made of glass and has a lot of privacy for users. When inside, you will be able to see outside and everything that is happening but those outside cannot see inside. It’s bizarre and one of a kind that is a masterpiece of artwork. Many people have embraced it since it was first exhibited in 2003 in London.