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Car Hire Nice

The French Riviera sparked the imagination and fired emotions like no other place in Europe. The royalty of chic and trendy, the dominance of “les Mademoiselles” and the male arrogance of the 60’ and 70’ are still present in Nice today. It is the place where backpackers can find their way on the “Avenue of the English” or where a waiter will take time to explain the basics of the “salad nicoise” and how one should order and pronounce it. It is an enchanted place that still keeps its history. If you are looking for cheap car hire Nice then compare prices with us.

How to get to Nice? Either way a tourist will choose the variety of options is at hand. By plane one can land at the airport that features two terminals. The second terminal is used mainly by Air France and its partners. Both terminals have the so valuable and needed car rental agencies. The main international companies are represented – Europcar, Golden car, Hertz and many others. Their desks are open inside the airport for an easier approach. All you need is to have your passport and a valid driving license and you are good to go.

Renting a car and driving it along the country will be so easy. All you have to do is present your passport and drivers license, in some countries you should be over twenty five but not in this case. If you plan on living the country you should notify the company that rented you the car or else you might receive really big fines for that. They take their job seriously and you should do the same. If you want to be completely on the safe side you should also get the car insured. It will be just a couple of extra Euros, but in the end it will all be worth it. You will be stress free and you will be able to enjoy your country ride vacation. Another possibility for you, especially if you leave with tickets from an agency, might be calling the hotel car from the airport. They will come and pick you up and you will be treated more or less like royalty. Nice is one of the most amazing places on earth and the possibility of car hire and rental is huge. You will never be able to get lost and you will definitely enjoy your time. Car hire Nice is the best way to view near by attractions.

Even though is a summer destination, Nice is in fact a destination for all seasons. The weather is mild throughout the year and the Med looks great every day. If you are looking for a small getaway along the coast there are regular buses going to Monaco and Cannes and they have two of the most craved features – they are cheap and reliable.

Don't hesitate about exploring the local area and book your car hire Nice with us today.

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