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La Rochelle Ile De Re - Laleu Apt Rue Du Jura, La Rochelle Gare, La Rochelle, 17000 (France)
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Train Station (2.8 miles)
158 Bis Boulevard Joffre, 17000
La Rochelle (2.8 miles)
166 Blvd Joffre, 17013
Marans (12.8 miles)
Garage Bruno Guillon Rue Paul Couzinet, Rue Paul Couzinet, Marans, 17230
Port Boyardville Guichet Inter Iles, St Georges D'oleron, 17190
Aerodrome Bois Fleury, St Pierre D'oleron, 17310
St Georges D'Oleron (17.4 miles)
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Dolus D'oleron (18.5 miles)
975 Route De Saint Pierre, Dolus D Oleron, 17750
St Pierre D'oleron (19.0 miles)
La Clairciere Garage Levol Agent Renault, St Pierre D'oleron, 17310
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Car Hire La Rochelle Airport

Situated on the Bay of Bengal to the west of France is the city La Rochelle. It is no doubt the loveliest of all the coastal towns of France, the city lays in the province of Charente Maritime. In the 10th century a fishing town was established and even now when that little town has grown up to be the major tourist attraction of French coast line, the wealth of the city is based on the trade of fisheries. If you are looking for cheap car hire La Rochelle Airport then compare prices with us.

Art and History Attractions

There are tourist’s attractions on every corner, taking a walk through the ancient Porte de la Grosse Horloge gateway, you find yourself walking down the maze of narrow streets surrounded by centuries old building which are now occupied as traditional boutiques, shops and restaurants. It’s an extremely rich historical city of the country suffering from religious wars to sieges and a reference in Alexandre Dumas’s unparallel ‘The Three Musketeers’ to Second World War, all that left its mark n the shape of historic ruins that catches your breath. Once you have come to the coastal area don’t ever forget to look over its Ports. Le Vieux Port, the oldest port of all with two tall towers erected right at its entrance is as stunning view. And tour de lantern the pirate prison draws the attention of tourists looking to unfold the great mysteries of the oceans. Saint-jean street and Admyrault are most visited for the huge mansions it bears. One must not miss the Hotel De Ville the ancient of all the halls around France. The city is a mixture of architectural types, it somewhat both gothic and renaissance.

Recreational Activities

When you have set to explore a coastal area be ready with you fishing gears to add up more the adventure in your trip. The restaurants offer the mouth watering treat followed by unmatchable chocolates as deserts, only the finest French made. Car hire La Rochelle Airport is the best way to view near by attractions.

Don't hesitate about exploring the local area and book your car hire La Rochelle Airport with us today.

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