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Car Hire Nice Train Station

History, culture, food or all of them? France has everything. And a country that has everything has also a coastline. Mediterranean waters never looked so clear and gentle when washing La Promenade des Anglais. Located in the south of Provence, between Monaco and Cannes, Nice is one of the top destinations for tourists. One of the strong points of the city is the ease of access. By plane, car, bus, train you can reach the city virtually from anywhere in a matter of hours. The airport, Cote d’Azur, is the third largest in France after the Parisian ones, de Gaulle and Orly, but one of the most convenient ways of getting to the city is by train. The high speed train, TVG, crosses France from Paris in just 6 hours. Trains out of Italy are arriving as well. And the most exotic is the one that is crossing Europe straight from Moscow. This hassle and bustle makes the Nice train station an interesting meeting place as informal and as convenient at it can be. As well as being useful the train system is also informative. Less well-known is the little narrow-gauge railway Chemin de Fer de Provence, which runs from Nice through the Var Valley and along the Route Napoleon, three hours to Digne in Upper Provence. In the summer months, the latter part of the journey switches to a real steam train, the Train des Pignes. So regardless of your point of origin you will end up in the city of dreams. If you are looking for cheap car hire Nice Train station then compare prices with us.

Once into the train station there is a wide choice of means of transportation. Every need is serviced with great care and maximum efficiency. Hop off a train and hop on a car. In a matter of minutes any tourist can find a suitable car to rent. The process is as simple as can be – passport, driving license and of course you have to know what type of car you need. As well, all major credit cards are accepted. Whether you rent regularly or you are a newbie, the wide variety of companies can assist and meet every demand. To keep the unexpected costs at a minimum do not forget to inform the rental company of your traveling plans. For your convenience you may possibility have to drop off your car at another office, in another city, in another country. Nice will turn out to be the most amazing city you have ever visited and you will be happier to do it by car then on foot.

Don't hesitate about exploring the local area and book your car hire Nice Train station with us today.

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