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Car Hire Lappeenranta Airport

Opened in 1918, Lappeenranta airport is the oldest airport in Finland. It serves thousands of incoming and outgoing visitors annually, and boasts of quality services, one of the factors that make it particularly popular with locals and foreigners alike. It is also one of the few unique airports in the world as it hosts the Karella Aviation Museum. Getting to and from Lappeenranta airport is simple and fast, as there are several modes of transport at your disposal. The best option when it comes to travelling in general however is renting a car. It is more comfortable, cheaper and more convenient.

Renting a car is cheaper compared to using public transport for all your travelling needs during your stay in the town. This is because albeit the fare used to get to different places may seem as not much, it may exceed the amount you would hire a car with. In addition to this, you also get to enjoy the convenience that comes with travelling in your own personal car. You are for instance able to make your travelling schedules without worrying about how they conform to public transport schedules.

To get the best car hire deal in the town, visit the various dealers to compare and contrast important factors like price and car condition. Basically, look for a dealer who is not only cheap, but who will also offer you a car that is in good condition and under friendly terms and conditions. This may sound like a lot of work, but it can be done easily and in advance via the internet. You can also do it once you land at Lappeenranta airport as there are several dealers just around the airport and in town too.

Once you have your ideal car rental, you can go on to explore the town in your own time and at ease. If you are one to marvel at foreign culture, the town will definitely be worth your visit as there are a host of choirs and orchestras in the town, and consequently a lot of theatres. Museums too are quite significant in the area, with one being located right at the airport. You can also partake in fun activities like canoeing, skiing, kayaking and horse riding among others. Also make sure to leave with a piece of the town by visiting any of the numerous antique shops where you are bound to get unique and beautiful local handicrafts.

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