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Car Hire Kemi Airport

Did you know that the town of Kemi was found by royal decree in 1869? This was because of its proximity to a deep-water harbor. The Kemi Airport is located 4. 5 km north of the city centre and it has a large influx of arrivals every month. Many of these are always looking to get a car for hire that will not only get them to their hotel rooms, but will also help them get around the city during their vacation or stay in Kemi whether is for business or pleasure.

Car hire at Kemi airport is a convenient service that not only caters to the needs of visitors but also the needs of locals who may not own their own vehicles. The beauty of it is that for whatever amount of time you wish… 2 days, a week or even three months, you can rent a vehicle of your choice, which you can use and hand over back to the rental agency once your need for it is done.

But why would anyone opt for car hire at Kemi airport instead of just getting a taxi or public transport means such as buses? Car rental is comfortable to travel in as it is also private. In addition, it is a faster means of travel compared to public transport, which will get delayed making stops along the way. This could be a disadvantage especially if you have minimal time. If you wish to get a rental vehicle but you do not fancy the idea of driving round with a map since you are unfamiliar with the area, you could have your agency provide you with a driver who will chauffeur you around. Of course, this will come at an extra fee.

Driving in Finland: What You Need to Know

  1. Drive with the headlights on at all times, even during the daytime.
  2. Alcohol limit is 0. 5g/liter and traffic police are allowed to conduct breathalyzer tests.
  3. Be careful when driving at night. Incidents of divers running over moose or reindeer are common and this can damage the car rental as well as injure the car’s occupants.
  4. From December to March, all drivers are required by law to have studded or non-studded winter tires.

Before you drive away from Kemi airport, it is important to be conversant with some of the basic rules for driving in Finland, as that will ensure that you have a trouble-free rent a car experience while enjoying the lovely sights such as the Snow Castle of Kemi, the Kemi Gemstone Gallery or even the renowned Kemi Church.

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