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Car Hire Helsinki Airport

Helsinki is the most populated and is largest city in Finland, therefore is the capital of Finland. The population is more than 588, 941. It is also one of the major cities of Europe. This city is an important part of Finland as approximately 70 percent of the foreign companies operate from Helsinki. It has Europe’s one of the largest metropolitan area which generates one third of Finland’s economy. The weather of the city is humid as per its location. Its official languages are Finnish and Swedish. If you are looking for cheap car hire Helsinki Airport then compare prices with us.


It is also known for arts and education, one of its oldest and famous institutes in University Of Helsinki. The institutes are not much in amount but there level of education is much appreciated. As for arts Helsinki Festival is an annual art festival which opens up opportunities for talented minds to bring out themselves to the world. There are Art galleries containing classical European art.

History and Culture

You will find this city has an amazing history, to overlook the past times Helsinki had the biggest historical museum the National Museum of Finland and many other. It is also a music loving city and therefore it has many theatres such as The Helsinki theatre, many concerts and events are held at these theatres. Apart from museums and theatres, you will find many cityscapes such as Government Place, Olympic Stadium and many other buildings. It is an influential city for architect students for its buildings. Car hire Helsinki Airport is the best way to view near by attractions.


Sports have been a long tradition. It is internationally for arranging sports events due to Olympics. It has popular teams in football, ice hockey and synchronized skating. It has a famous football team that participates in FIFA World Cup and has a history of fair matches. Helsinki’s culture supports arts, music, sports and many more. Hence, you will find this city is a perfect place to visit for interchange of culture because there is a lot to be seen.

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