5 Amazing Coastal Drives that one Shouldn't Miss

If one is sick of the usual highway with some dull scenery, one can find the following 5 amazing coastal drives as a source of thrill and existent.

The Great Ocean Road

Soure: flickr/Christopher Johnson

This road covers the distance of total 151 miles and connects Torquay to Warrambool. It is located in the south of Melbourne. This road is one of the Victoria’s greatest attractions. The road begins with the surf capital of Torquay which is famous for being the birthplace of Quicksilver and Rip Curl brands. The world famous Bells beach is also located here. The road came into being between 1919 and 1932. It was built by servicemen in the memory of those servicemen who bared extreme casualties in WWI.

It’s pretty impossible to cover the whole road in one day, and there are many photo opportunities one can have. While moving west from the south coast, one can reach to the city of Warrambool. If someone is into golf, one can carry on to west where there is Port fairy, the 18 holes link course.

The Amalfi Coast

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This drive way is appreciated and admired by many travellers. The total distance this road covers is 27 km and it is regarded as Italy’s finest and the most beautiful road. It connects Salerno and Positano which has traditional Italian villages at hillsides. One can enjoy the ride with some lemonade, made with lemon grown in the hillside. Instead of taking the whole trip in a single day, one should spend some days in local region too. Doing this will provide the time to enjoy the ride more than just once.

Also if someone wants to extend the trip, they can proceed to village of San Agate where the Don Alfonse restaurants are considered to have the best dinning. Many believe that it’s one of the best experiences in the southern Italy.

The Pacific Coast Highway

Soure: flickr/Rian Castillo

The total distance covered by this road is 250 miles. One can live out one’s American dream with this coastal drive since this drive takes the traveller along the California State Route One. This road bears many turn and twists of pacific coastline.

The whole road actually spans more than 1,500 miles from the north to the south. This road promises the passengers some really beautiful scenes along the touted.

Barna to Lettermore

Soure: flickr/Jennifer Boyer

This road covers a distances of 48.3 km and takes approximately 1 hour to complete the experience. When driving towards west from Barna , the west of Galway city is found which is the largest Gaeltacht region of Ireland. There are the many variations in the landscape when one drives on this coastal road.

To the right will be the Connemara, which is scenic vista for bogs. There are many valleys and lakes too where the coastlines encloses the Twelve Pins. There are many little roads which will be winding and will lead the traveller from one village to another.

Lough Corrib

Soure: flickr/Denis Simonet

One can leave Galway through the N59 for going to Moy Cullen Village which continues to the busy Outghterard. It is one of the main angling centers of Lough Corrib’s. Driving towards west from this point takes you to the central Connemara market roads. Here if turned left, one can find some really challenging drive since landscape changes quickly. Here one can find much greenery on the mountains, which is really beautiful view.

Coranamona is a quite a lively village and one can continue seeing the beautiful views and can reach to Colunbur. Taking a short trip , once can reach Cong. Here one can cross border for reaching the County Mayo to gain access to this village, which was once the setting for the film named “the Quite Man”.