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Santo Domingo La Isabela Airport Car Hire Quote

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Aeropuerto La Isabela, Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)
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Santo Domingo (6.2 miles)
Ave Los Proceres N 41 Arroyo H, Santo Domingo Main Office, Santo Domingo, 11111
Jardines Del Este Avenue 25, San Isidro/ Santo Domingo Este, Santo Domingo
Ave. George Washington No. 367, 10205
Av. San Vicente De Paul, Santo Domingo
Avenida Independencia N° 354, Santo Domingo
Las Americas Airport, Santo Domingo, 11111
Lope De Vega Ave 29, Santo Domingo
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Car Hire Santo Domingo La Isabela Airport

Santo Domingo La Isabela Airport serves flight services to the Dominican republicans and a couple of other international flights to the Caribbean Islands. As soon as you arrive at the airport you will be offered a couple of services including shuttle services and related car hire services. There are many reasons on why you would be interested in visiting Santo Domingo especially considering the number of attraction sites that make it a tour stop. This means that you will need commendable car rental services for you to get around Santo Domingo.

As soon as you arrive at the airport you will have the option of getting car hire services to take you to your preferred destination. For instance, if you want to visit the Catedral Primada de America before you get to your hotel then car services would be the perfect option. Sometimes, it can a little bit hectic especially when you are just getting around a place you have never been to before. If anything call the airport and see if they can help you make such arrangements and chances are you will get a reputable car rental company taking care of your needs.

Then another tour destination that isn’t too far from La Isabela Airport is the Alcazar De Colon, which is a magnificent historic castle. It is quite old considering it was built in the early 16th Century by the son of Christopher Columbus. It is amazing how it managed to retain its original structure amidst the World Wars. It shouldn’t be that hard to get to the place considering car hire services are quite available at the town center. Nevertheless, if you can manage to use the same company that picked you from Santo Domingo Airport then the better it would be for you.

You could still consider the National Botanical Garden, which is a bunch of goodness put in one place. The versatile flower garden has some of the most beautiful flowers and exotic plants making every second in the garden a sensational experience. You will enjoy some of the best aspects of the nature in its real form and more so when it comes to photographs. In a number of cases, getting car hire services right from Santo Domingo La Isabela Airport should make it easy to get around most of the tour attraction sites. There is little to be worried about when it comes to safety since most car companies ensure that you are dropped off at the exact location you want and pick you from there as well.

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