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Car Hire Puerto Plata Airport

Puerto Plata airport is situated in Dominican Republic. This airport is found in Puerto Plata province, which is one of the Caribbean, tourist attractions. Since 1990’s, the airport has continued to receive an increasing number of visitors, with some of them being tourists that want to experience being on the beaches. When you arrive at the airport, regardless of whether you are a tourist or on a business trip, the best mode of transport from the airport is a rental car, owing to the flexibility and freedom that you will get from it. If you are looking for cheap car hire Puerto Plata Airport then compare prices with us.

Renting a car from Puerto Plata airport is more expensive compared to using other modes of transport. However, failure to plan properly and to pay attention to the rental conditions will make you to have problems. Before you can confirm a booking, you need to pay attention to the rental agreement. Do not forget to enquire about possible extra charges and restrictions too, before you confirm the reservation. Find out if no-shows or cancellations attract any penalty. You also need to be aware of the age restrictions. If you exceed a certain age or if you have not reached a certain age, you have to pay an extra fee. With some companies, when you go to pick up the car, you may be turned away because of age. Therefore, find out as much as possible before making the reservation, to avoid problems with the rental company later.

There are times when you may need to return the car but not at the pickup point. In such a care, enquire about one-way fees. When you rent a car at Puerto Plata airport for more than a week, the company may waiver the one-way fee. However, if travelling across borders, you must pay the one-way fees, and here, they amount is significantly high. Car hire Puerto Plata Airport is the best way to view near by attractions.

Many of the car hire companies will not allow you to have their car on a ferry, especially when you lack the appropriate rental insurance. Taking a separate insurance is more practical than renting a car while on one side, and renting another when you get to the other side. When you cross the border with a rental car from Puerto Plata airport, you need to be aware of the restrictions.

In case you need any extras, remember to order for them in advance. Extras include GPS system, car seat, and ski rack. However, you have to an extra fee for these extras.

Don't hesitate about exploring the local area and book your car hire Puerto Plata Airport with us today.

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