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Liege Airport Car Hire Quote

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Rue De L'aeroport,36(meeting Point), 4460 Grace Hollogne, Liege, 4460 (Belgium)
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Car Hire Liege Airport

Liege is a destination frequently visited by travelers to Belgium. Liege Airport in Belgium is centrally located within the region of the Ardennes. Given its proximity to a handful of international airports in and around Brussels this central location is also a thriving business center for rent-a-car companies.

Transport from the airport

While public transport is very popular in this region due to its efficient service, many travelers also consider the options of hire car and taxis as it provides better mobility and convenience of travel for them. Buses are used extensively by locals with a large number of visitors opting for the comfort of rental cars to take them to the many destinations in and around Liege.

Travelling in and around Liege

If you are in central Liege the easiest way to get around is on foot or on a cycle. An advantage of cycling in the city area is that cyclists are normally allowed to travel both ways even on the one-way streets. It helps to cut down time and effort. However, if you are travelling to the outskirts a hire car is a preferred option as it enables you to set your own pace and to take as many breaks as you want along the way.

Apart from Liege Airport tourists can also arrive in the city through Brussels South Charleroi Airport or the Zaventern Airport in Brussels. It is just about an hour’s drive from these main airports to the city.

About Liege

Unlike most other cities in Belgium, Liege does not possess an inner city ring road that interconnects with the famous ancient city wall lines. Instead, some of the main routes along the city tend to stretch towards River Meuse. As a result, some of these main city routes become congested with traffic during peak times. For those travelling in hire cars there are ample car parks in central locations of the city. If you are heading towards the Ardennes and leaving Liege behind the easiest and fastest route to take is the E40 which also leads up to the Westerly City in Brussels. The E25 Motorway is for those planning to spin their rental cars, even further afield in hopes of reaching France or Luxembourg.

Liege Airport is operated mainly as a cargo airport as it is situated centrally within the golden triangle of leading trading cities, Paris- France, Amsterdam-Holland and Frankfurt-Germany. Lately the number of travel oriented visitors commuting through Liege Airport has also increased prominently.

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