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Car Hire Kortrijk

Serving as an educational centre, the city of Kortrijk is youthful and vibrant but beyond that, it boasts of a rich history whose energy can be felt all over the city. Such is the wonderful experience that visitors to this area get. There is a lot to see, a lot to do and even interacting with the locals is a great joy seeing as they are a warm and friendly lot. Many of the visitors who use rent a car services have reported that they did not even find the need to get a map of the city partly because the road system is clearly and easy to follow; and partly because the locals are willing to help you around be it that you may have lost your way somehow.

Driving in Kortrijk: Rules and Regulations

  1. It is compulsory to have a visibility vest, fire extinguisher and warning triangle in the car at all times. All these are things that you should ask your car hire agent to provide; perhaps at n extra fee.
  2. Children below 12 years of age should travel in appropriate car seat or other relevant restraints.
  3. Front and rear seat belts should be fitted and worn.
  4. The weather could get foggy at times and when daylight visibility is poor, you should drive with dipped headlights.
  5. Third party insurance is a must and your car rental agent should allow for this provision.
  6. It is mandatory to have headlamp converters.
  7. Leaded petrol in increasingly becoming rare to find and so if you can, get a vehicle that uses any other fuel kind such as LPG, diesel or petrol.
  8. There are 24-hour filling stations available and plus you are allowed to carry petrol in a can. This is convenient as it reduces chances of you getting stranded as a result of running out of fuel.
  9. It is not uncommon to find on-the-spot fines being issued, but just make sure you get an official receipt. Although foreign drivers could escape paying the fine by offering surety instead.
  10. Alcohol limit is 0.05% and drunk driving attracts huge fines and other dire consequences such as suspension of your license or even imprisonment.

Of course, there are many other rules you are expected to pay attention to while on the road in Belgium, but these are some of the main ones you should have in mind both before and during your car rental process.

Beware of the driving zones too. In Kortrijk, cars are normally not allowed in the historic city centre because a large part of this area is now a 100% pedestrian area.

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