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Car Hire Nassau International Airport

Nassau International Airport in the Bahamas is a popular destination for travelers as it provides a major gateway into the beautiful paradise island. Hundreds of visitors commute through this airport daily as they visit the Bahamas for business or pleasure. Despite the nature of their visit many of them commonly benefit from car hire companies as they travel the region of New Providence.

There are many reputable car hire companies operating directly from the base of Nassau International Airport. Many travelers visiting this destination prefer to arrange their rental vehicles at the airport as it saves a lot of time and headache of locating a reputable company once they are inland.


Driving around the main routes of the Island is fairly comfortable and easy as every route display clear signposts and directions. Whether you need to travel across New Providence or visit adjoining Paradise Island a rental car is a desired option as it provides maximum freedom of mobility. The roads are wide in and around Nassau and cars are driven on the left hand side of the road.

However, since Nassau is one of the major hubs of the Bahamas with a population that exceeds 210,000 people there is bound to be traffic on the roads, particularly during peak times. Drivers should also be wary of scooters which tend to weave in and out of the congested areas with apparent ease but sometimes causing inopportune mishaps for other drivers.

Fuel and service stations are somewhat sporadic located around the Island and many of them are not easily spotted on your travelling route. Therefore, it is recommended to check your fuel gauge and to ensure it does not reach near empty levels.


Parking is always a worry for those travelling in rental cars as opposed to taking taxis or public transport. However, with ample car parking lots spread around the region this is not a major issue for those travelling in hired cars in Nassau. A great number of drivers prefer to park their vehicles just outside the city center and hop on to a taxi or bus to travel the short distance of their desired destination.

Why you need a rental car while in Nassau

Since Nassau is the capital city of New Providence, Bahamas archipelago, it is also a main converging point for all travelers. Though it has a range of beautiful resorts and lively streets, some of the main attractions and amazing sights are located in nearby Paradise City. To enjoy the exotic and authentic island pace at your leisure you need the comfort and convenience of a rental car.

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