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Car Hire Grand Bahama Airport

Situated in the Northern most part of the Bahamas, the island of Grand Bahama holds a spectacle that would delight your eyes and mind for almost an eternity. It is a relatively big island being one of the major islands making up the country of the Bahamas and with that said, a good means of transport is needed in order to get around it well.

What better way than by using a car rental. The city has a well-developed road network and as such navigation through the various attractions can be accomplished quite simply if you have a rental car with you.

Why hire a car?

Having exited the airport, your first concern is a reliable means of transport that will be both convenient and efficient throughout your stay. This is best achieved by settling for a car rental seeing as it brings on a lot of much needed advantages for anyone who wants their tour to be a memorable one. With a rented car, you get to:

  • Enjoy privacy as you would have in your own personal car back at home
  • Experience some much needed comfort unlike in public modes of transport
  • Be the boss of your own time schedule since you won’t be relying on other means of transport that follow a rather strict and sometimes unfavorable time schedule.

Having said that, here are a few things to consider when selecting a firm to provide you with what you need:

  • Asses that their policies cover for road risk throughout the entirety of your use of their car.
  • Ensure their vehicles meet your standards so as to avoid disappointment later on.
  • Checking out how well their customer support system works.

And with all that in mind, you’ll be good to go and have a car to help you get around this magnificent city.

Things to do in Great Bahama

A lot of things are up for enjoyment in this great city. The first and most obvious are the exotic sandy beaches. You get to sunbathe or take a dip in the ocean surrounded by persons of different ethnicities who also come from all over the world to enjoy the beaches too. Those who are into indulging in the nightlife, a number of stylish night clubs and discos are also present. Other major attractions to check out are:

  • The Port Lucaya Market Place
  • The Rand Memorial Nature center…for the nature enthusiasts
  • The garden of the Groves

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