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Car Hire Salzburg

Salzburg apart from being the fourth largest city in Austria is also renowned as the best-preserved city in the north region of the Alps. It has also been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site due to its rich cultural and infrastructural heritage. This city is popular as the birthplace of the child prodigy and world class musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or just ‘Mozart’. The architectural masterpieces such as the Romanesque and Gothic churches and cathedrals are a must see.

Cultural Heritage

It would be surprising to now that traces of human settlements have been found in the Salzburg area dating back to the Neolithic times. The vast number of gothic churches, monasteries and the carcass houses point at a very unique cultural heritage which is only seldom seen in other parts of Europe. Most of these monuments are located far away from each other and utilizing a car hire service will be a good choice to ensure that you enjoy the beauty of all the magnificent architectural marvels.

Places to See

You cannot turn a corner in Salzburg without being in constant awe of the beauty and serenity of this city and although there are hundreds of tourist sports here below is a must see list:

  1. Historic City Centre – This was declared as a World heritage site in 1996 and is frequented by thousands of tourists annually.
  2. Baroque architecture – This style of architecture can be seen in a number of churches in the city and it would be best to use a car hire to reduce your travel time.
  3. Nonnberg Abbey - This is a Benedictine monastery and is also known as the oldest religious house in the modern German speaking world.
  4. Salzburg Residenz – If you want to have a feel of what it felt to be royalty than the Salzburg Residenz is a must see.
  5. Mozart's Birthplace – This is the mecca for any music lover or connoisseur of old compositions. Mozart’s actual birthplace is on the outskirts of Salzburg and you would need a trusted car hire to avoid getting lost unless you have a local driver accompanying you.

If you have decided to visit Salzburg try and plan your trip in the months of July and August to attend the world renowned music festival. This festival attracts top talent from around the world and is also the time of the year when all the heritage sites are at their best presentation. I have always loved to use a car hire to breeze through the sparkling streets while making a few pit stops to enjoy gourmet food.

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