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Car Hire Valencia Airport

Make your way into Valencia through Arturo Michelena International Airport – the official name of Valencia Airport. It is in tribute to a very famous, Valencia born painter, Arturo Michelena. To be more precise, Valencia Airport is situated closer to Caracas, Venezuela’s capital and also, its largest city; this distance, if you’re travelling by a rented car, can be covered in as less as 2 hours.

Just hire a car at Valencia airport, or make sure you rent a car over the internet even before reaching the airport. That way, you can worry less about your transport to the city of Caracas, and travel fret free. Many car rental companies can be found at the airport, as well as other important stops in the city. Though you can opt out for taxis, it isn’t as comforting as a rental car is, and more than often, tourists do get robbed off with exceedingly high fares. For renting a car, all the details, from car type to payment, can be found over the internet.

Top destinations to visit in Caracas

With a whooping population of 5 million people, Caracas stands as Venezuela’s capital city and a hot tourist spot. The city is naturally very gifted, with hills, mountains and the Caribbean Sea gracing the soil. Here, it is all about going out and having fun, real time. Some of the top destinations of the city are based around beautiful water bodies, hills and historical landmarks. Here are few of these places you can start off with:

  • Galipan – Make sure you drive your rented cars around this place. To people, it is paradise to earth. So beautiful, so gorgeous, it might as well lure you to never leave it.
  • Centro de Arte La Estancia – If you’re out to get away from the city’s hustle, then come here. Enjoy the many exhibitions, some Venezuelan music or just sit and relax.
  • Centro de Arte Los Galpones – Secluded from the city, this is a place where you can dwell in music, art, films and more.
  • Paseo de Los Proceres – This is one of the city’s most famous landmark. It is a tribute to Venezuela’s national heroes, amidst the beautiful gardens and integrated artwork. This place is also a good if you are in for some roller skating or biking.
  • Casa Natal & Museo Boliver – An honor museum for Simon Bolivar, the man who helped Venezuela be free from Spain. An overall interesting museum that gives a lot to learn.

Other Nearby Locations

Popular Destinations in Venezuela