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St Thomas Airport Car Hire Quote

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Lindberg Bay #10, U.s. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, 00802 (US Virgin Islands)
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Car Hire St Thomas Airport

Located a few kilometers from southwest of Virgin Islands, St Thomas Airport caters to both domestic and international flights. This airport has been ranked as one of the most prolific airports in all of Virgin Islands.

Factors to Consider

For starters, it is always advisable to research on various car hire agencies here and considering that they are mushrooming by the day, you might want to take enough time to find the reputable agency. Here are some tips to help you;

If you wish to rent a car, you might want to check out which agency is offering discounts and offers. A good number of them always throw some goodies especially during the peak season. The only way to find out who has the best and practical offers is by visiting various car hire websites in St Thomas and requesting for quotes.


You should always weigh the charges of various car hire companies before settling for any one of them. Do not be afraid to bargain but while at it, do not compromise quality of service over the price. Some car hire agencies will appear cheap but have hidden charges prior to the initial agreement. Others will offer you a wide range of services such as a chauffeur and additional installations at a comprehensive fee. At the end of the day, a car rental should give you the value for your money.

Type of Vehicle

This is an important factor to consider. Some vehicles are fuel guzzlers and this means that you will have to come up with a hefty budget for fuelling. It is therefore advisable to hire a car that will fit your budget as far as consumption is concerned.

Terms and Conditions

Different car hire agencies here have different terms and conditions and you should read them carefully before signing on the dotted line. Most of them require that you return the car with a full fuel tank or pay up the equivalent amount, return the car on time, clean and as you picked it. In case of dents and scratches, you might have to pay the agreed amount for that course.


In case of an accident or damage, you need to understand what you are liable or stand to pay. You can talk to your insurer and understand what they are willing to foot in the event that you get involved in an accident or damage the car. Most insurance companies prefer to go 50-50 with their clients in such cases. While at it, give the vehicle a thorough check before signing the contract and note any dents or scratches before committing yourself. This will save you any form of misunderstanding when it is time to return the rental car.

Additional Installations

A worthwhile car hire agency should be flexible and have a few additional installments on standby. If you are bringing a baby on holiday for instance, you will need the agency to install a baby seat in the car. An air conditioner also comes in handy as an installation. If you are travelling with family or friends, the agency should be able to install additional seats in the hired truck or van.

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