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Car Hire High Wycombe

Car hire in High Wycombe is offered in high discounts especially if booked in advance. You can always prepay for these services by booking online. Most rental car services are all inclusive and this means that you will not hear of jargons and hidden costs. What is even more is the fact that you can customize a rental car with temporary adjustments and features such as a child seat, and GPS.

Taxis in High Wycombe are not allowed to access certain zones and this means that they cannot pickup clients from those restricted areas. The minute you flag down a taxi in High Wycombe, the meter starts to tick. This means that riding in taxis in High Wycombe is both inconvenient and expensive. Some cab drivers have no diligence and might alter the meter in order to milk you dry.

Public transport can be an ideal option, but the buses can delay at the station or bus stops in addition to being stuffy in hot weather. In addition, you might forget your valuables such as phones and camera in the public transport and retrieving them might prove futile. With this in mind, it is obvious why most visitors will opt for car rental as opposed to riding a taxi or a bus.

Traffic tips for car renters in High Wycombe

  • Wrong parking in High Wycombe will attract a hefty fine. For starters, always keep off the yellow line. Otherwise, this might land you in some busy public office to pay a fine. This will not only cost you money, but also your time.
  • Avoid overtaking in the middle of the road
  • Traffic officers are always keen on flagging down rental cars to check on the driver’s documents such as license, driver’s ID, receipt from a rental company, insurance and car certificate. Always have your documents on standby to avoid derailment.
  • Parking lots are charged a relative fee. However, parking in your check-in hotel should not cost you extra money.

Additional charges that customers might incur in High Wycombe

All drivers in High Wycombe are CRB certified for the purposes of security and safety. Other rules and regulations that you might come across include:

  1. You might be charged on Toll roads and bridges according to your preferred route.
  2. Any delay at the airport attracts a fine of not less than 10 Euros per every waiting hour.
  3. On some days, the car hire company might charge you a congestion charge depending on the time that you require the services.

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