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Car Hire Melita Airport

Melita Airport is located on a beautiful island named Djebra in Tunisia. It is an international airport serving this largest island in Northern Africa, and thousands of tourists from all over the world, especially from France, Germany, and Italy came through this Melita Airport yearly. Another name of Melita Airport is the Djebra Zarzis Airport.

As said earlier, Djebra is a quite large island and many tourists prefer to go with a rental car service while visiting here. One of the most important aspects of hiring any rental car is its insurance. It is because you are in new land, and if anything goes wrong with your hired car, your whole trip will be ruined. Therefore, it is advised to go with a good insurance policy which will cover all the aspects.

  • Collision Damage Relinquishment - Make sure you are spending little extra money on this insurance, and it will cover your unfortunate damages done to your car after you hire it. However, be certain you have read all the terms before getting this policy, because in general, this kind of policy doesn’t cover roof, interior, side mirrors, windows, and tires. Therefore, even you have this policy, be careful about damaging above mentioned things.
  • Accident Insurance (Personal) - This personal insurance will compensate you, in case you caught in any accident while driving this car around.
  • Theft protection - It is another very important thing to consider. If you don’t have this insurance, and your hired car has stolen from you, you are in real trouble. Henceforth, to avoid this kind of situation, spend little extra money to get this insurance policy as well. However, you must remember that this insurance will only cover car itself, and any your personal belongings stolen with the car will not be compensated.

To summarize this, we can say getting appropriate insurance policies are the only way of spending a holiday on this stunningly beautiful island without any fear. You will see several car companies at Melita Airport offering you with their rental car services. More to this, you can also get other services of side to this airport through internet or by booking them before even landing this airport. However, as said earlier, make sure your renting car package includes all the necessary insurances you required. Have a wonderful time during your stay and a safe journey of course.

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