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Car Hire Bloemfontein Airport

Bloemfontein Airport is situated in South Africa, and before the country hosted the world cup in 2010, it underwent upgrading and construction. Although it is a smaller airport, the number of passenger that use it annually is about 250,000. It serves domestic and international airlines. Most of the passengers are business people and tourists. The airport is served by different modes of transport, but considering that business people and tourists are people who need flexibility and freedom, car rental facilities are available at the airport to serve them. If you are looking for cheap car hire Bloemfontein Airport then compare prices with us.

When you have made your booking with one of the car rental companies at Bloemfontein Airport, if you are on a budget, avoid having the airport as your pickup location. When the pickup location is in the downtown area, you will avoid paying the hefty airport surcharges. When you make your payment using a major credit card, it is of advantage to you because you will avoid having to pay rental insurance. Most of the major credit card issuers provide their customers with rental insurance as a perk when they use the card to pay for car rental services. Some personal car insurance policies also cover the rental insurance. if in doubt, consult your insurance agent to avoid paying twice.

Before you are presented with the car at Bloemfontein Airport, you need to present your original driving license and the international driving permit. Note that the two documents must have been issued to you by the same authority. The international one is not recognized as a driving license by itself. This means that without the national driving license, rental companies at Bloemfontein Airport cannot offer you a rental car. Car hire Bloemfontein Airport is the best way to view near by attractions.

Prior to driving off from the pickup station, you need to carefully inspect the vehicle, to determine whether it has any damages. When you note any damage, you need to report to the rental agency in writing. Ensure that the turn signals and lights are in proper condition and checking the mileage odometer is also advisable. You must not ignore any defect. This is because according to the rental conditions, you are expected to return the car that you rent at Bloemfontein airport when it is in the same condition that you picked it up in. if the car was damaged when you took it, you may have to pay for those damages.

Especially when you presented with a car that you have not driven before, familiarize yourself with it before leaving.

Don't hesitate about exploring the local area and book your car hire Bloemfontein Airport with us today.

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