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Car Hire Arad Airport

A long or sometimes short journey brings you to the great big city of Arad in Romania. It is a very nice place to visit anytime, to relax and to rejoice. There are many luxurious rental cars here on Arad Airport to take you around the city. You certainly cannot visit Arad on foot, so exploring it in a rental car is a very great way. If you are looking for cheap car hire Arad Airport then compare prices with us.

The historic city of Arad

The historic city of Arad occupies a great land in the provinces of Banat and Crisana. It also straddles the Mures River too. This city has a very huge history of having been an important trading post of the past, during the Turkish occupation of the area. The Habsburg Monarchy ruled this great city later, and in 1834, this royal town got its freedom. You can visit any street of this wonderful city now in your rental car.

The monuments and palaces of Arad

If you hire a car for you, you can conveniently get to travel to the sites of great monuments in Arad. There are various numbers of monuments in here, which are of great architectural beauty. There are many finest fortresses in all finesse and glory here. If you take a ride along the streets the city center in your rental car, you will be amazed by the styles of architecture you can see. There is also the Iona Slavici Classical Theater and also the Cenad palace in the neo classical architectural design. There is the Soimos Fortress standing for majesty and valor. The renaissance architecture is depicted in the Administrative Palace here in Arad. Car hire Arad Airport is the best way to view near by attractions.

Get a quiet and peaceful trip

Just drive east in from the city of Arad, and you will find yourself in the beautiful Minis Maderat Vineyard. You can try a lot of hiking here with friends. It is a quiet energizing adventure and you will enjoy it the most. If you love visiting churches, for either the peace of mind in a religious way or to enjoy their architectural beauty, you should do it here. The cathedrals here and the churches are full of beautiful architectural murals and designs that take you back those very old ages. They have been standing here for over four centuries, attracting millions of people from all over the world. Take a trip around starting from Arad Airport in your rental car to enjoy!

Don't hesitate about exploring the local area and book your car hire Arad Airport with us today.

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