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Guaraní Airport Car Hire Quote

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Airport - Ciudad Del Este, Aeropuerto Intern. Guaranis, S/n. (Paraguay)
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Car Hire Guaraní Airport

A self drive car provides the distinct advantage of discovering new places in a new country by following your own timetable. If you are planning a visit to the Guarani Airport in Paraguay the option to hire a car should not be ignored, especially if you aim to visit the many hot spots in the region. The airport, which is located in Ciudad del Este is a bustling place catering to millions of passengers every year. There are many leading car hire companies operating from the premises of the Guarani Airport for the convenience of travelers visiting this region.

About Ciudad del Este

The city borders with both Argentina and Brazil and has direct connection to Foz do Lquacu in Brazil through an international bridge spanning the famous Parana River. Given its strategic location Ciudad del Este has become a famous shopping destination among not only visitors to Paraguay but also among Argentines and Brazilians looking for good bargains.

Getting into the city

One of the most convenient and easiest ways of travelling this city is by land travel. Particularly accessing this city from Brazil is very convenient. Most people hire a car to travel the distance for many reasons, including shopping, business and leisure. Additionally, people from Asuncion and Sao Paulo also travel to Ciudad del Este via air and disembarking at Guarani Airport.

Advice for those travelling in a rental car

If you are travelling in a hire car one of the worries you may have is about parking. The internet is a good source to locate potential parking lots in Ciudad del Este in advance for your visit. Many people prefer to travel inner city limits by bus as a result of traffic and parking inconveniences. Taxis are not a famous option in this city as they are mostly unmetered. If you are hailing a cab it is best to agree on a price before you start the journey.

Places to see

Shopping is the main attraction for those visiting this lively city. Apart from Camilo Recalde and San Blas, the top shopping streets in the area there are also many other attractions scattered around. Culture buffs are sure to benefit from a visit to Museo de la Tierra Guarani, Zoologico Regional or Itaipu Binacional Hydrodam. Trade for electronic items, liquor and many other luxury goods thrive in this city which in turn makes it a good incentive to hop in a rental car and visit Ciudad del Este.

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