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Rotterdam Zestienhoven Airport Airportplein 60 Arrival Hall, Rotterdam, 3045 Ap (Netherlands)
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Car Hire Rotterdam Airport

Rotterdam airport is situated in Netherlands, and the airport handles more than 1 million passengers. Today is known as Rotterdam The Hague Airport. The airport is small and it handles several local carriers. The airport is able to carry more than 3,000 passengers each day, which are more than one million passengers per year. For you to get from the airport with flexibility and freedom, the best way was to hire a car. If you are looking for cheap car hire Rotterdam Airport then compare prices with us.

You may want unlimited mileage or a certain number of KMs each day. You need to evaluate your needs before you make the booking. If you go for mileage that is limited and you exceed it, you will have to pay a significant amount of money. This explains why unlimited mileage is cheaper in the long run. You need to keep away from extra day charge. With many of the rental companies at Rotterdam airport you will be charged per every 24 hours. You would rather drop according to the time that you are expected to return.

Before you confirm the reservation with a car rental company at Rotterdam airport, you must pay attention to the rental conditions. Enquire about possible extra charges and restrictions. Enquire about penalties that come with no-shows or cancellation. If you have a young driver, you need to find out about the minimum age restrictions. With car rental companies at Rotterdam airport, there is also the maximum age restrictions. This means that there is an age at which you cannot be rented a car to. Car hire Rotterdam Airport is the best way to view near by attractions.

There are times when you may need to drop the car at a different location, other than where you picked it up from. Therefore, you need to enquire about one-way fees. With some companies, the fee is applicable when you rent the car for less than one week. However, if you are across the border, the one-way fee is significantly high.

With many of the rental car companies at Rotterdam airport you are not allowed to take the car on a ferry and the rental insurance does not cover for this. However, if you need to take the car on a ferry, you must take up a different insurance. Alternatively, you will have to rent a car on one side, so that when you get to the other side, you will rent another one. When you cross a border with a rental car, you must check about restrictions. When you need extras, ensure that you make the order as you make the reservation.

Don't hesitate about exploring the local area and book your car hire Rotterdam Airport with us today.

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