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Blantyre Airport Car Hire Quote

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Blantyre Airport, Blantyre (Malawi)
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Blantyre (7.1 miles)
20 Glyn Jones Road, Po Box 2282

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Car Hire Blantyre Airport

Blantyre airport serves both local and foreign travellers getting into and out of the country. It is located just a short distance from Blantyre, Malawi’s capital city. It offers comprehensive travel services, including travel from the airport to the city using buses, taxis and car rentals, as well as international flights both for people and for cargo.

It has been recently facing some renovations, a factor that had contributed to its temporal closure for a while in the recent past. Now, it is up and running as everything has been improved, including the quality of services offered.

Hiring a car

Although transport services to and out of Blantyre airport are well organized and readily available, the best option for most people is usually hiring a car. It comes with lots of long-term as well as short-term benefits. It is cheaper as compared to using other public transport services. It is also very time efficient as you don’t have to wait in line, or even spend time making your way to the various terminal points.

Renting a car in Blantyre is easy and quick. There are several dealers who have set up shop in and around Blantyre airport as well as on the internet. The dealers are both local and international, and you are guaranteed a wide array of options to pick from. Therefore, hiring a car near Blantyre Airport Booking is simple either way you go about it.

If you are considering doing it online, the car rental dealers will offer you with a complete inventory of the available cars for you to go through and make a pick. If on the other hand you are considering going about the process the good old way, you have nothing to worry about as the dealers are easy to locate and access. They are conveniently distributed around the city, especially closer to Blantyre airport.

Prices are quite affordable, and most of the dealers endeavor to offer you good conditioned, modern and well maintained car rentals.

Explore Blantyre

Your car rental will serve you well when it comes to exploring the wonders and beauty Blantyre has to offer. Several historic buildings will definitely wow you. One that you must see is the St Michael and All Angels church. It is a work of art, having been built by completely unskilled and inexperienced people.

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