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Car Hire Skopje Airport

Skopje Airport is also known as "Alexander the Great" Airport and is the larger and busier of the two airports in the Republic of Macedonia. Commercial flights were introduced here in the year 1929 and later the route was extended up to Greece. Due to the increase in tourism in the area the airport has welcomed about 830, 300 passengers since 2012 which is an increase by 9. 1%. The airport also has multiple car hire agencies that provide comfortable transport to and fro the airport.

Skopje – An ancient city

Skopje’s history dates as far back as 4000 B. C. when it was inhabited by Neolithics. Skopje is located near the Varde River and is in route to Athens. The recent industrial development of the city has also given way to enhanced facilities for tourism hence making the Skopje Airport a busy spot. There are many tourist destination in Skopje including:

  1. Lake Matka - The gorgeous lake Matka is a few miles off the Skopje city centre and can easily be reached by using a car hire. There are a lot of hidden marvels to explore near Lake Matka such as the Vrelo Cave and the St Andrej church near the shores of the lake.
  2. Skopje ZOO - This is a fascinating place to meet and interact with many cute animals. Kids absolutely love this zoo and you can buy tickets to visit the same from the respective counter at the Skopje Airport.
  3. Mountain of Vodno - This Mountain is an inspiring site for many tourists as they engage in hiking while enjoying the scenic beauty of the same. You can take the cable ride to the top and the entire view of Skopje is visible from the same. You may face some difficulty on the initial trail and are recommended to use car hire to cover most of the distance.
  4. The Stone Bridge - This is a historical bridge situated in the centre of the recently renovated Skopje centre. It is symbolic for connecting the east and the west and is a symbolic of the unity and harmony in the region.
  5. Museum of Macedonian Struggle - This museum is a must see and is easily accessible by using a car hire at the Skopje airport. The guided tour is highly recommended as it will help you understand the struggle of Macedonian people to gain their independence.

Overall Skopje is a must visit to get a first-hand experience of its rich cultural heritage.

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