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Moshoeshoe Intl Airport, Maseru (Lesotho)
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Car Hire Maseru Airport

Maseru airport is a public airport that serves travellers who are visiting and leaving the city of Maseru and its environs. It is located just a short distance from Maseru city center, in Lesotho. It also offers comprehensive travel services to visitors, including car hiring. There are several international and local dealers offering services both within Maseru airport and in town as well.

Hiring a car in Maseru

Travellers are guaranteed of their travelling needs while in Maseru. The car hire companies are not only easy to locate and access on the ground, but also operate online. As such, you can look for the ideal car of your choice online and book it in advance.

Albeit the dealers are quite competent and developed, you will need to look out for several factors before hiring a car. The primary one is the condition of the car. This will affect your travelling sessions a lot, and getting a malfunctioning car would greatly impede your travelling needs owing to the scarcity of well-trained mechanics when you move deeper into the interior regions. Also, be sure to save as much as you can by looking for an affordable dealer. This shouldn’t be a problem as the car hire dealers are quite cheap owing to the influx of players in the industry over the recent past.

What you need to know during your stay in Maseru

Being in Lesotho, Africa, there is a lot to expect. There are so many things to do and see, you may not even have the time for it all. For your convenience, however, make sure you buy enough supplies while still at Maseru airport before you move interior, as there aren’t many western shops.

When you are fully sorted, you may then travel using your car rental around the town and into the interior where you can get first-hand view of lots of attractions. The Basotho Hat will be a must-see, being right at the heart of the city and resembling Lesotho’s national symbol. To relax under the serene air and atmosphere of the African planes, drive your car rental up Lancer’s Gap. At the top, you are guaranteed to find just the right spot to relax while watching the sunset yonder, where the sky kisses the land.

Ensure flexibility, comfort and convenience in your travelling needs during your stay in Maseru by hiring a car from any of the multiple dealers in town and online.

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