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Ventspils Airport Car Hire Quote

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Ganibu Iela 103, Ventspils, Lv 3601 (Latvia)
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Ventspils (2.4 miles)
Darza Iela 6 In Tourism Info Center, Lv 3601

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Car Hire Ventspils Airport

Ventspils airport, also commonly known as the Ventspils internationals airport is the ideal route in and out of Ventspils. Located just 5km away from the town, it is easily accessible. It boasts great quality customer care services, and among those offered to visitors includes transport from the airport into the city. Here, the traveller has a wide array of options, including travelling by bus, taxi or better still renting a car.

For most people, the third option is considered the best. This is primarily because of the comfort and flexibility that comes with a “personal car.” There are several car hire dealers in Ventspils airport as well as in the city. The dealers are both local and international, and travellers are guaranteed of a host of options at the airport. Thanks to the progress brought into the industry by technology, travellers are now able to book their car of choice in advance online.

Your car rental will be of great benefit during your travelling sessions in and around the city. Unlike when using other modes of transport like buses, you will be able to form your own travelling schedule regardless of time and place, making it quite convenient for you. The cars offered also come in great shape and looks, and you will definitely enjoy your rides while in the city. The car rentals furthermore are quite cheap in more ways than one. This is made possible by the competition between the local and international dealers making the renting price very affordable. You are also exempted from other maintenance costs save for fueling the car.

While in the city, put your rental car to good use by visiting the many attraction sites in the area. You may want to begin with the Livonian Order Castle, one of the oldest in the country, and the region. Your stay in the place will also be incomplete without visiting an exceptionally unique museum; the seaside open-air museum. It covers about 7 hectares of land arrayed with halls and galleries lined with extra-ordinary exhibitions. One of the popular features about Ventspils, aside from incredible balancing of the past and the present, is its reputation as a sleepless city. Life goes on around the clock, and you will also want to partake in life under the cover of darkness. There are lots of things to do, including dining out and clubbing.

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