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Car Hire Mombasa Airport

Do you want to enjoy the lovely scenery of the East African Coast? Do you want to be smothered with warm services from the friendly staff? Mombasa Airport will cater to all the above and more. As the second largest airport in Kenya, the international airport can handle many of the major types of planes. Since being an international airport from 1979, the airport has played an important role during its existence. A good example is during Operation Support Hope that was being carried out in Rwanda. This was during the genocide that horrified the whole world. Although the support had to be cut short due to runway expansion, Mombasa Airport did the best it could. Since Mombasa is a favorite tourist stop, the airport has continued to accommodate tourists from over 20 destinations. Many of them come to Mombasa to enjoy the rich history the town has to offer, the white sandy beaches in South Coast and touring other coastal towns. In more recent times, Kenya has been on the map as home to one of the wonders of the world; the Wildebeest migration at Maasai Mara. If you are looking for cheap car hire Mombasa Airport then compare prices with us.

Mombasa Airport played an important strategic part during World War II. With its close proximity to Kilindini Harbor, the British Eastern Fleet used the air base till the end of the war. Afterwards it was converted to a commercial airport. Before being called Mombasa Airport, it was known as Port Reitz Airport. Much improvement has been done to accommodate bigger jets. One of the runways is 3. 4 Kms and is equipped with an ILS system to assist huge commercial planes to land. Transportation is diverse; from taxis and rental cars to the popular ‘matatu’ used by the locals. Something to note about the latter mentioned mode of transport; unlike other countries where public transport vehicles are one color, here they used to be designed in different colors. Others had graffiti on them, portraying the artistic values of many. In recent times, the Kenyan Government has banned this trend but it is slowly creeping back again.

Mombasa Airport encourages first-time tourists to use the tour services on hand at the airport. These are trained tour guides who’ll take you to the best hotels and resorts Mombasa has to offer. Driving for the first time in Mombasa will be hectic as the public transportation is chaotic and flagrant traffic misbehavior is the order of the day. Make plans and any booking with the tour services beforehand through the web and you will not regret your visit. Car hire Mombasa Airport is the best way to view near by attractions.

Don't hesitate about exploring the local area and book your car hire Mombasa Airport with us today.

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