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Flybalaton Airport, Served By Heviz Downtown Office, Sármellék (Hungary)
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Heviz (7.2 miles)
Széchenyi U. 50. Fszt.1., Hévíz, 8380
Zalaegerszeg (18.7 miles)
Bozsoki U.1 Inside Vw Salon, Zalaegerszeg, 8900

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Car Hire Sarmellek Airport

Do you want to enjoy your days at thermal spas and world class resorts in Hungary? Then consider booking a flight with Sarmellek Airport. The international airport is just a kilometer from Sarmellek town and other towns. However, its importance lies in its close proximity to Lake Balaton. Built next to this physical feature are some of the best spas and resorts in Hungary. The term ‘thermal spas’ shows that the spas are natural and the steam comes from the ground. This has been known to be good for the skin and the best atmosphere for complete relaxation. Sarmellek Airport is the best gateway for all who want to experience luxury at its best in the resorts. If you are looking for cheap car hire Sarmellek Airport then compare prices with us.

The airport has a huge background in the military as there was a military base at the current location in the 1940s. During the 60s, the Soviets took over and it served as the air base till 1990 when Communism was at its end. The Sarmellek Airport has been in state control and care since 2002 but has moved ownership to a private Irish-Hungarian Investment Company since 2004. Because of constant changes in ownership, financial problems started creeping up and this led to closure during the winter of 2008-2009. Although it closed at a ‘good time- a time when most travellers don’t fly- still the airport needed to stay open. Late 2009 saw the airport being closed for the foreseeable future until a buyer was found to purchase the airport. Fortunately one was found and in mid-2011 flights started up again. Some speculate that the downfall of the Sarmellek Airport is due to poor financial management.

With all the financial tides settling down, the airport is picking up where it left off with various amenities being offered e. g. a VIP lounge, ATM, shop for small-time shopping and a café for when you need to fill up on coffee or snack. Transportation-wise, there is a bus that connects Sarmellek Airport with Keszthely Railway station about 7. 5 miles away. The bus is not very reliable and can be late to pick up passengers. Taxis are not very reliable too but the good thing about them is that when you find one, you will get to your hotel faster than a bus ride. Car rental companies are not common in the area but you will find a company if you ask at the terminal before clearing you luggage. Although the future seemed grim for the airport, it is best that they’ve been able to get back on their feet. Car hire Sarmellek Airport is the best way to view near by attractions.

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