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Quimper Train Station Car Hire Quote

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Place De La Gare, Quimper, 29000 (France)
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Car Hire Quimper Train Station

Quimper train station is located in Quimper, France. It was built in 1863 to serve this city and currently it serves a number of train services. It is often used by people who come to the area for business or as tourists. The city is situated southwest of Brittany and it is a beautiful town, owing to its strategic location at the merging point of Steir and Odet Rivers.

It is defined by medieval buildings, museums, cathedrals, ancient villages and classic restaurants where you can enjoy the local dishes. Some of these attractions are based in the city whereas others are located some few kilometers away. Therefore, it would be best if you rent a car on arrival at the Quimper train station. This will ease your movements around the city.

In the station, several car rental companies operate and all of them have online sites where you can make a booking prior to travel. With a rental car your vacation in Quimper will be a walk on the paradise.

Things to See

Here are the best things to see:

  • Old town along River Odet - You will agree with me that this will be the highlight of your visit. The ancient town is characterized by cobbled streets, medieval timbered structures and footbridges for crossing the river. Also in the same sight is the Saint Corentin cathedral to the east. It is the oldest and the largest building there is in Brittany.
  • Quimper Museum of Fine Arts - A drive around the town will also bring you to the gates of this museum that is used to preserve some of the finest paintings from the locals as well as the history of the region.
  • Locmaria church - This is another historical icon. It is situated on the downstream of Odet River. The building depicts a Roman style, built in the 12th century and it holds the crown for being the oldest church around the train station.
  • Locronan village - Find time to drive with the rental car to Locronan village. Here there is so much to learn about the culture and the history of this city. In addition, you can find souvenirs and sample some local dishes.

There is no reason why Quimper should not be your next travel destination. It has a myriad of historical sites, serene and beautiful natural grounds, great shopping places and good restaurants with tantalizing local dishes. The areas around the city do not disappoint either. Therefore, make sure you rent a car from the car hire agencies at the train station to tour around the city.

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