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Car Hire Niort Train Station

The Niort Train Station is one of the most outstanding train stations in Europe and this explains why it is always a buzz of activities around this train station. Here, train tickets are usually booked 60 to 90 days before departure.

Tourists and non-residents can book these tickets online in order to avoid inconvenience. This ensures that all passengers not only secure a seat but also get to ride in the class of choice in the train. In addition, booking the train in advance allows you to pay at a cheaper rate because passengers who get to book the train early get to pay less. Other benefits of booking the train early include enough time to have the ticket delivered to you as well as the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your travel schedule is confirmed.

Things to see

As you book a train, it is important to also book a means of transport that will ensure that you access various parts of this city. And what better means than a car rental? Thankfully, there are a number of car hire companies around the Niort Train Station. Since this city was historically a medieval port, which developed in the peripherals of River Sevre Niortaise, do not be surprised to find a breathtaking botanical garden.

The locals here are hard working and historically, the city has had the best leather making industry in all of Europe and this explains the historical glove factories. However, these factories have since been replaced with other industries that specialize in insurance, chemicals and electronics. This however does not take away the city’s appeal, there is a lot more to see in this city, and with the car from the car hire agencies at the Niort Train Station, you can accelerate to places such as:

  • Le Pilori - Named as one of the oldest buildings in this town, this building was previously used as a town hall and today, it is home to some of the most artistic temporary exhibitions in the whole country.
  • Bernad’d Agesci Museum - If you are a lover of all things art and history, then this museum will appeal to you. Named after Niort’s legendary painter, Bernad’d Agesci, this museum boasts three main collections that include the Conservatoire de l’education, the Fine Arts Museum and the famous National History Museum.
  • Keep - historically, this was used as the fortified castle’s central location and rounded up as a landmark in this city. This castle bordered beautiful gardens, collegiate, various houses and parade grounds. Today, it is home to a beautiful chamois in the city.

Other Nearby Locations