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Nyropsgade 42, København V, 1601 (Denmark)
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Nyropsgade 42, København V, 1601
Airport (4.7 miles)
Kastrup Airport(car Rental Center) (arrival Flight number Mandatory!!), 2770
Herlev (5.9 miles)
Skovlunde Byvej 2 8, Herlev, 2740
Ishoj (9.6 miles)
C/o Car Special A/s Industriskellet 9, Ishoej, 2635
Hoersholm (15.0 miles)
Usseroed Kongevej 79, Hoersholm, 2970
Lokgatan 9c, Malmö, 211 20
Malmo South Rrs Hyllie, P malmo Park Lvl 1,clt Det Mand For Confm, Malmö Syd, Hyllie Tågstation, Malmo
Malmo Caroli City (17.7 miles)
Master Nilsgatan 22, Malmo, 211 26
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Car Hire Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a populous city that is located in Denmark. The city is green in nature, and has many parks, which attracts many visitors. This city is Denmark’s natural hub, and the city is also of international scope. When you get to the city, you can get around using bus, taxi, or rental services. The mode of transportation that is most expensive is renting a car, but if your aim is to experience flexibility and freedom, renting a car is the best option The best car rental company is one that offers extras that you need. The extras that you find include GPS system, car seat, and ski rack. Ensure that you place the order in advance because for many companies, when you are making the reservation, these extras are not available. With many companies at Copenhagen, you have to pay an additional fee for these. If you are looking for cheap car hire Copenhagen then compare prices with us.

Before making the reservation, you need to enquire from different companies concerning the way they handle unfortunate happenings like breakdowns and accidents. If your destination is a remote place, the rental company that you choose must have help at hand. The help is usually available by having an extensive network in form of agencies and this is available when you select a company that is reputable.

With many companies at Copenhagen, the advertised rate does not include airport surcharges, insurance, taxes, drive-off charges, and additional driver fee. Therefore, what you pay can even be double of what you expected to pay; there are times when the advertised rate is applicable to a certain area only. The rates advertised are for areas that are experiencing a low season only, when many of the cars are not in use. At times, the rates are for a car that does not match your needs. Car hire Copenhagen is the best way to view near by attractions.

Today, many of the major rental companies are exercising transparency when providing you with the rates, extras, and exclusions. This means that you will be provided with the rental’s total cost prior to making the final reservation. With some of the companies at Copenhagen, you can cancel the booking, and if possible, make it 48 hours before the pickup time. If you follow the right procedure, you will have your money refunded even if a fee is charged for this. At the pickup station, you need to have your national driving license and the international driving permit. If you do not have the national driving license, no rental company at Copenhagen will rent a vehicle to you.

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