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Car Hire Kralendijk Flamingo Airport

Kralendijk Flamingo Airport is one of the options you will have at hand for getting to Caribbean Netherlands by air. Once you get there, you will not resist from seeking car rental services which is the best way to get out of the airport. There are public buses that have scheduled trips to and from the airport to other places including city center. Such an option will not be ideal for your selection in case there are heavy luggages you are carrying along. Even though buses are cheaper, they are unreliable, have a lot of inconveniences and does not allow for much space since buses are congested for most times.

For that reason, you will always get it suitable to rent a car from the many agencies that operate from the airport terminals. However, not every person is allowed to seek the car rental services but those between ages of 21 and 70. Furthermore, be prepared to pay a tax of 5% to the government for every car you rent. In case you have a credit card, there will be no need to make cash payments. Make sure you have followed these guidelines when seeking car rental services at Kralendijk Flamingo Airport otherwise you might fall into deep trouble with law enforcers.

If you are driving yourself from the airport and new to the place, traffic usually moves on the right direction. If you know that you will drive yourself, be advised to arrive during the day since at night it might be very challenging. The road linking Kralendijk Flamingo Airport to the city center lacks street lights.


There, you will get all the major facilities that an international airport should have. There are twin ramps at the airport. The smaller of the two ramps is to be found at the main building and consists of four parking lots with small aircrafts frequenting. Big aircrafts use the bigger ramp that has two parking slots. Its runway is 2880m in length and accommodates maximum weight for take-off.

General services

When you land at Kralendijk Flamingo Airport, some of the general services that you can enjoy are:

  • Catering - every airport has catering services but those offered here are just exceptional as you will realize. Goddard Catering has been operating at the airport since 2003 and its services for airline catering are the best. There is also Aruba Kitchen which has frozen hot meals on service as well as local appetizers and salads.
  • Ground handling - all your ground handling needs will be taken care of once you have touched down at the airport. Three handlers namely Air Handling Service Bonaire, Bonaire Air Services and Progressive Air Services have set base at the airport and have superb customer service.
  • Emergency equipment - in case of an emergency happening like fire or accident, there are enough equipment at this airport to help you handle such a situation well. Kralendijk Flamingo Airport is listed under Fire Category 9 thus you will always get on-site equipment for handling emergencies.

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