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Car Hire Brunei Airport

Transport should be your last worry when travelling to Brunei through Brunei Airport. Your options there will be unlimited that you cannot exhaust. Depending on the weight and size of your pocket, there is a guarantee of securing an option you will be comfortable with. The following are some of the transport options at Brunei Airport that you will have to consider upon touching down. There is even no need to make advanced bookings.

  • Buses - they have regular trips to and from the airport on a scheduled plan. If you are planning to use this one, make sure to look at their schedules so that you understand when they leave the airport and the stops they will make as well as route to use.
  • Car rentals - at the airport terminals, you will get several companies offering car hire services that you can as well use. This is a very good substitution for public transport which is not reliable and convenient enough. You should not look at the expensive nature of the services but the worth to get out of that which is immense.
  • Taxis - unlike car rentals, most of the taxis are operated by individuals and that might make them expensive. Furthermore, some of the operators are not trustworthy so you must conduct a good background check of the one to engage. All in all, they are a better choice over the public transport more so if you have luggage.
  • Shuttles - these ones are mostly operated and run by hotels that serve visitors. If you have booked to any hotel before landing at Brunei Airport, you are advised to arrange with them in advance so that their shuttle can pick you up at the terminal. If you will pay for that or it’s for free, it will depend on the hotel you have chosen since they don’t all operate same way.

Getting around

Now that your movement from Brunei Airport to the city center has been sorted out, the next big thing to worry about will be how to get around the city and other areas. Your options will be:

  • Tour vans - you can hire out these vans from tour companies and explore the city with peace. The vans are available for hire either on hourly basis or entire day. You should make your considerations well to determine the cheapest option. To avoid problems, you should get into a van once there is an agreement on charges.
  • Boat - this might not be a very popular transport option but it’s applicable as well. Waterways in Brunei amount to about 209 kilometers and you can navigate through craft drawing.

Accommodation options

In the past years, accommodating in Brunei was one of the most expensive things but it has changed. Today, you can get a hotel near Brunei Airport where you will enjoy all the amenities plus affordable charges. Guesthouses are the cheapest options and are available in plenty. You should not waste the opportunity to negotiate for better offers.

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