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Car Hire Toledo Airport

The minute you land at Toledo Airport, you will notice an industrious environment and friendly people. This airport is located in the Western part of Lucas County in Ohio. There is much to see and do here but first, you need to rent a car. You need to be cautions or you will be spoilt for choice, as there are plenty of car rental agencies around Toledo Airport.

This airport is a prolific one and plays hosts to thousands of foreigners and tourists every month. The airport is furnished with a number of amenities such as drug stores, bookstores, cafeterias, cyber cafes and many more.

Things to Do

There is plenty to do here. If you enjoy taking beer for instance, you may want to sample a few of their local brews as you make new friends. Note that there are stringent laws against driving under the influence so you might want to leave your car rental parked at the hotel that you are staying in. If caught while driving under the influence, you might face severe punishment such as spending a night in the cells, hefty fines, have your license revoked or even get deported to your country before your vacation is over.

The nightlife here is grand and the locals tend to creep out of the blues at night. Do not be surprised to find the central business district jammed by the locals in the bang middle of the night, especially on the weekends as they hop from one club to another. If you enjoy live band music, you will be spoilt for choice, as there are plethora of nightclubs and pubs that play soulful live music. Most of these nightclubs run all night and that is a perfect excuse to have some fun until the wee hours of the morning.

Note that the public service vehicles usually close business early and this means that you might need the services of a car hire to take you to your hotel once you are done having your fun for the night. While at it, do not forget to grab some local cuisines in the restaurant. Interestingly, a good number of pubs and nightclubs here are linked to restaurants. This minimizes the hustle of hunting for bitings while clubbing the night away.

Two Tourist Attractions in Toledo

Considering that Toledo is one of the most popular towns in the U.S, you can be sure that there is much to see here. The following are some of the sites that you are likely to enjoy here;

  • The Toledo Zoo - If you are an animal lover, the Toledo zoo will amuse you as it boasts of many of animal species, insects and birds. This zoo has actually been rated as a top ten in all of America. There is plenty of parking spaces in the zoo in case you decide to drive your rental car to the zoo. However, the zoo provides 4-wheel vans for tourists.
  • Toledo Museum of Art - If you have an artistic streak in you, the Toledo art museum should be in your list. Here, you will be treated to all forms of art, souvenirs and historical pieces.

Other Nearby Locations