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Car Hire Nashville International Airport

Nashville International Airport is located in the southeastern side of the city of Nashville, and is used as a public as well as a military facility. It is a fairly busy airport with over 10,000 flights being served per year. It was originally known as Berry Filed after its establishment in 1937.

For the reason that the airport is located in the capital city, you will not have to struggle getting to your hotel because there are enough modes of airport transfer to get you there. In the case where you are visiting Nashville for some days either for business o holiday, you will need more than airport transfers because you have to move around to meeting locations or attractions sites. That is why it is prudent to look for a reputable car hire company, so that you can hire a car, which you will use for that duration.

There are a number of car hire providers at the Nashville International Airport and hence you can complete your booking after landing or book online before you fly in, so that you just pick your key and drive yourself to your destination. The car will aid you to move from one point to another without the worry of being late or cutting your entertainment or sightseeing short for fear that you may be late to go back to your hotel. After you secure the rental car, it is time to tour this great city and enjoy the attractive sceneries and entertainment places.

Places to Visit

This city can be referred to as the musical city, because it is rich in music history specifically the country music genre. That notwithstanding, there are other attractions that will keep you on toes until you terminate your holiday, and they are listed below.

  • Nashville Zoo – It is among the top zoos in Tennessee, with a spectacular diversity of animals that will amaze you. It is a must-visit site where you will see rare animals like the Macaw and various types of frogs.
  • Cumberland Carriage Tours – You will have to abandon your rented car for a while so that you enjoy a ride on the horse-drawn carriage that will take you for a tour around downtown Nashville. Along the tour, you will visit the Country Music Hall, Symphony Hall and Music City Center. The tour is full of fun because the coach driver and his dog will accompany you, and he will be ready to explain everything in this corner of the city.
  • Ryman Bluegrass Nights – Nights in this city are full of enjoyment and this is another huge reason why you need a private rental car, because you can party deep into the night when most taxicabs have closed shop.
  • Ryman Auditorium Tours – Is where the Grand Ole Pry traditions started, and you are supposed to take a self-guided tour of the museum at your own pace. You will get to step on the platform, which was the springboard for legends.

The mentioned attractions are just a fraction of what are to see in Nashville, and since you have a rental car, you will have the ability to visit more of those places.

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