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Louisville Airport Car Hire Quote

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600 Terminal Dr Ste 8, Louisville, 40209, Ky, Ky (United States)
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Car Hire Louisville Airport

Louisville Airport is used for both public and military purposes and is located in the heart of Louisville city. It may not have regular international flights using it but it is a main entry port, because many international cargo flights use it. It is a busy airport with over 3 million passenger and over 4 billion pounds of cargo passing through it annually. Its significance in the United States is huge because it is the third largest cargo airport here, and it is seventh globally.

Services at Louisville Airport are great as expected from an international airport, and hence you will get them with easy for instance, when you want to change your currency or grab a cup of coffee. Everything is well displayed and you will not have any trouble when locating what you need. Car hire company booths for instance are strewn all over and you can go to your favorite company to book a car. You can also book a rental car from the hotel booths at the Louisville Airport, because some of the hotels in this city offer a full package of services to tourists and travelers who come here for business or for holiday.

A comprehensive package from a hotel will be the better deal because it is always cheaper and simple for you when it comes to managing your expenses. Get a rental car, head to the hotel, and relax away before you indulge yourself in a tour of this attractive city.

Top Rated Attractions in Louisville

You will need to learn a bit of Louisville’s history in order to enjoy and have fun in the various places that you will visit. It is Kentucky’s largest city and was founded on River Ohio back in 1778. It was named after French King Louis XVI. The following are some of the attractions you will see.

  • Louisville Slugger Museum – You will have to drive your hired car to the company’s manufacturing plant because that is where the museum is located. Amazing displays like the 120-foot baseball bat will wow you. It rests against the company-building wall. You will have the chance to see the real-time production of the bats.
  • Cave Hill Cemetery – It is not just a cemetery but also a botanical garden too with more than 280 species of trees. It gets the status of an attraction site because its use began back in 1848. There are benches to relax on, fountains, lakes and monuments that bring the place to life. You will enjoy guided tours and hence learn a lot concerning this cemetery.
  • Frazier History Museum – It collaborates with the Royal Armories to gather renowned assortment of arms and other artifacts that carry the history of Louisville. You will have the chance to see the ceremonial sword that was used by Father Josiah Bartlett. The guides will explain all about the ancient firearms and collections.

Other places that you can drive your rental car to and enjoy the sceneries, attractions and activities are Muhammad Ali Center, The Locust Grove, Louisville Zoo and Speed Art Museum to name just but a few.

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