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Car Hire Leeds

Leeds is the third city as size from England, United Kingdom, it’s situated in the North of England and it is considered the capital of this area. Since the Dynasty of the Tudors, Leeds was an important commercial centre and from the beginning of 19th century the city continued to grow increasingly more. Those times were marked by the industrial revolution who transformed the city in a major distribution centre. It is considered one of the main nodes of telecommunication especially in the service sector. If you are looking for cheap car hire Leeds then compare prices with us.

Visiting the city means spending quality time in places like the Leeds City Museum reopened in 2008 in Millennium Square. The museum was originally created in 1819 and it’s free of charge for those who are willing to know history, because in the museum is presented the history of the city in various galleries. For art connoisseur there are places like Grand Theatre, Phoenix Dance Theatre and Ballet Theatre. For the students and young people who love dancing and parties Leeds offer a multitude of pubs, nightclubs and places for live concerts. The city has a reputation of a place of entertainment and joie de vivre and it’s only outdone by the London.

In order to have a complete vision on what the city offers and to improve one’s journey through the city, it’s recommended to visit spiritual worship, faith and spirituality being an important part of contemporary life. There are Anglican churches as Leeds Minister or St. George’s but there are also Mosques in the city who deserve one’s attention even for its architecture. There’s one of the largest community of Jewish in the United Kingdom, a Hindu community and also a Buddhist community so everyone can learn about the major religions of the world right there. Car hire Leeds is the best way to view near by attractions.

In the heart of Kent is the Loveliest Castle in the World- Leeds Castle. Built in the early 12th century the Castle was the residence of the kings and Lords for more than 900 years. For a family trip to the Castle is better to rent a car and get a perfect holiday. If one chooses to use rental companies services it’s recommended to book in advance because during most holiday seasons it is very hard to rent a car. Once you’re there, you won’t find a better place to relax and play some golf or to try English tea!

Don't hesitate about exploring the local area and book your car hire Leeds with us today.

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