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Car Hire Murcia

This is one of the least known parts of Spain. Even the Spaniards themselves are not very conversant with this region of their country. Visitors coming to Murcia for the first time are frequently amazed by the variety offered by this small section and the affability of the locals, Murcianos.

Nevertheless, in spite of its increasing popularity, the Murcia remains comparatively unspoilt when compared to many other Spanish regions. It is convenient to rent a car and tour the cities of this emerging tourist destination. Two cities are particularly worth visiting, Lorca and Cartagena. Market-garden and fruits products are central to the economy of the region and they get exported all parts of Europe. A visit here would not be complete without seeing the famous tapas, doing some shopping and enjoying the local cuisine.

The city of Cartagena is positioned on the coast and has a wealth of historical heritage particularly for being so strategically placed. A rental car will conveniently take you to all the place of interest in this historical city. A glimpse of the Roman history can be seen at the amphitheatre, the Roman theatre, the Roman road and the Augusteum sites which are all set in splendid surroundings. Castles that are worth visiting in Murcia include: Moros, Atalaya, Castillos de Galeras, The Castillo de la Concepción, San Julián and Castillos de Galeras. The City has great walls like Púnica and Bizantina. Not to be left during a visit to this region are the notable museums: Naval museum, City Archeological museum, Archeological museum and Carmen Conde. A stroll is recommended along Mayor Street all the way to the seafront and going past the Consistorial palace. All this will be made even more remarkable when you make use of the services of a car hire.

Lorca is another city of historical significance. A visit to the Castillo de Lorca and several other ancient buildings would a be great experience: Casa de los Guevara, Casa del Corregidor, la Casa Consistorial as well as the San Patricio Collegiate church. The notable museums include the Archeological museum and el blanco y el azul.

Murcia is famous for tapas and offers several of the most exciting ones in all in Spain. A huge number of taverns and bars with real great tapas are available. Some of the most fashionable are to be found around Flowers Square and the Santa Eulalia/University area.

Shopping is part of the experience in this region. From the comfort of your rental car, you can visit and shop at the Platería and Trapería, the Verónicas market which is known for fish, seafood and market-garden products. The most distinctive food items to buy are meat pies that even include deer pies from Bonache. Murcia Cuisine comprises of ice dishes like arroz caldero and a variety of seafood such as lobster giving you a remarkable gastronomic experience. Among the famous dishes served within reach by a rental car are the zaranollo, the michirones, bean omelette, the olla gitana, and rabbit among many others.

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