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Car Hire Ibiza Port

Tourists visiting the Ibiza port for the first time will be amazed at the beautiful sites such as the legendary and multi-tower Ibiza castle, the Santa Maria Cathedral and the historical renaissance city walls. The weather here is typically subtropical Mediterranean climate accompanied by dry summers that alternate with very humid winters. You can cruise and explore this port on your own without necessarily relying on guides. Many passenger docks at the port are commercial.

The nocturnal activities on this port are very rife and once you land at the airport, you will find various means of transport that operate back and forth. These means include public transport, private vans and many more. Thankfully, many companies offer car hire services in this town. Visitors find it ideal to rent a car from the airport to the Ibiza port and enjoy privileges such as;

  • Convenience
  • Comfort of a private means
  • Privacy
  • Adventure

Driving around Ibiza port

The people here are very warm and friendly and they have managed to maintain their local traditions. At the port, there are various entertainment joints for one to visit. Wear your sombrero and sunglasses as you enjoy the time of your life at this port. If you love old sea tales, be ready for a whole lot of them. A rental car gives you the freedom to carry as much luggage and personal effects as you need. This port is situated on a spectacular location and there is ample parking at a reasonable fee. If you do not care to drive here, you can ask the car rental company to provide you with a co-driver.

Rent a car in Ibiza, enjoy driving around the port, and enjoy the endless surprises, as you never know what to expect. This port is the latest inclusion of cruise itineraries and therefore many cruise ships pass by. One thing to be sure of though is that you are guaranteed to have the time of your life at this port and you will want to come back again after your trip. Once you have enjoyed the port, you can drive around and enjoy the local cuisine as well as the extensive shopping in the malls.

The party just never seems to stop because at night, the clubs, discos, pubs and all entertainment facilities come to life. You can catch various genres of music from pop to traditional music. This goes on until the wee hours of the morning. They too have ample and secure parking where you can park the rental car. Once you are done dancing, you can enjoy a quiet drive back to your hotel.

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