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Car Hire Granada

Situated in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain became one of the European Union countries since 1986 and one of the most popular options not only for vacations but also for people who want higher standards of living. Spain is located between Europe and African continent so that its culture has many influences, without ever mentioning the Spanish architecture or Spanish Cuisine. With the exception of Switzerland, Spain is the highest country in the Europe full of mountains chains as Sierra Nevada and The Pyrenees. If you are looking for cheap car hire Granada then compare prices with us.

Statistics say that Spain is the second tourist destination in the world holding forty-seven airports. People everywhere go to Spain to experience their culture and traditions, to taste their cuisine and to load with adrenaline at the mad races with bulls. So if you are a hiker or a climber you have the mountains paths that lead you atop of the world. You can load up with fresh air and feel close to the gods. Having Mediterranean Sea to the East and the Atlantic Ocean to the West, Spain is wonderful location for water lovers and their traveling on the blue deep oceans.

After conquering the mountains and admiring the hidden beauties of the seas is time to discover the modern Spain and its past. The time has come for you to make acquaintance with the Spanish architecture- buildings, shops, restaurants. What better example than Granada Centre would be? Granada is an attractive city at the base of Sierra Nevada Mountains in the autonomous community of Andalucía. Car hire Granada is the best way to view near by attractions.

Granada Centre is famous for its historical constructions built up by the Moors. The most spectacular construction of the Moors is undoubtedly the Alhambra Palace- the red fortress- developed in the 10th Century. Called by the Moorish poets, , the pearl set in emeralds’’ the pilgrims find here a paradisiacal park- Alameda de la Alhambra- crowded with roses, myrtles and oranges in which nightingales enchant tourists with their trills.

Being on the 3rd place in Europe and the 7th place in the world in terms of machine building industry, the transport here is very easy and you can rent a car to enjoy a great ride through Centre of Granada. There are over 200 car hire companies to choose from and you better ask what type of fuel your car needs before you live the rental point. Hotel Granada Centre is waiting for those in search for architectural riches and selected local cuisine.

Don't hesitate about exploring the local area and book your car hire Granada with us today.

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