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Car Hire Castellon Train Station

The Castellon Train Station runs on a very strict schedule and it remains one of the most preferred means of transport in this city. Tourists and especially those visiting for the first time find it tricky to keep up with the strict schedule of this train station. Thankfully, there are other alternatives such as car hire.

As much as this might prove to be more expensive as compared to catching a bus or a train, a rented car gives you the option to enjoy flexibility and convenience. In addition, a hired car allows you to have an independent schedule and make your trip all worthwhile. Once you stop at the Castellon Train Station, you will not fail to see a plethora of car hire companies lined up.


There is much to do here and you can never get enough of this town. Some of the activities that you must do while in Castellon include:

  • Sample their cuisine - you cannot claim to have visited Castellon if you have not tried out the local cuisine here. The specialty here varies from prawns to anchovies and sardines. The soups here are very delicious and you cannot afford to miss the Tombet del Maestrzgo accompanied by the delicious Paella.
  • Go for golf - If you are the sporty kind, then you must try one or all the three golf courses within this city.
  • Enjoy the nightlife - If you are a hedonist, then you will most likely enjoy the rampant nightlife in this city. Castellon is a city that never seems to sleep and do not be surprised to find revelers hopping from one night club to another in pursuit of fun at the wee hours of the morning. The services of a car hire come in very handy especially if you wish to comb through various nightspots.
  • Rummage through the Market Hall - If you love to shop for antiques, then you will find much to grab at the Market Hall and at a very small price. It is unbelievable that this large and indoor market exhibits literally everything under the sun. In addition, there are various bars and restaurants within this market. If you plan to shop till you drop, then a huge car rental would be ideal.
  • Give thanks at the Cathedral of Castellon - At the end of your trip, make it a point to go and give thanks at this Cathedral before embarking on your journey at the Castellon Train Station. This cathedral was initially a Gothic church in the beginning of the 14th Century. It later burnt down to shreds, was later reconstructed in the middle of the 15th Century and it has stood tall ever since.

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