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Car Hire Cadiz Train Station

Cadiz Train Station is modern and made using contemporary architecture. This train station is situated around Plaza de Sevilla. This train station serves four trains that cover a long distance on a daily basis in and out of Cadiz. In addition, this train station is usually characterized by various offices such as car rental companies. These companies allow a foreigner to rent a car during the duration that they are visiting.

Car rental at Cadiz Train Station is the best option for tourists in this city because trains and other public means of transport are very strict on schedule. This might prove to be inconvenient to tourists but with a personal car, you can be able to work on time management. Be prepared to have your driving skills put to the test because the motorists here are very fast especially on the highways. Apart from speedy motorists, there is so much to see and experience here. If your memory serves you right, the city must look familiar to you even if you are landing for the first time. This must be because it has been featured in various movies such as James Bond films as Havana.

Sights that you must see

  • The Cathedral - This is a legendary monument that was initially a Baroque cathedral back in the 18th Century. The style of architecture here integrates various neoclassical features. This cathedral is legendary because respectable Spanish heroes were buried here.
  • The Province - This gives you a chance to see various towns and villages here. This province is near the city’s waterfront.
  • Plaza de las Flores - Once you alight at Cadiz Train Station, one of the most honorable things you should do is probably let your loved ones know that you got to your destination safe and sound. And what better way than through the mail box? Plaza de las Flores allows you to do just that and here you can buy stamps and send cards to your loved ones.
  • Giant Trees - Also known as the Ficus, these trees withstand the urban environment and they are surrounded by various unfavorable elements such as asphalt, steel, concrete, car fumes and many other elements that surround an urban environment.
  • Torre Tavira - If you intend to have a look at this beautiful city from a bird’s point of view, then you must get to the greatest watchtower in Cardiz also known as Torre Tavira. This watchtower is home to the legendary Camera Oscura.

Did you know that you could drive to Morocco from Cadiz? Actually, getting to Morocco via Cadiz is easy. When you hire a car from Cadiz Train Station, you can use the Tangiers route, access this part of Africa, and get back in a matter of hours!

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