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Tortona Car Hire Quote

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Via Silvio Ferrari, 15, Tortona, 15057 (Italy)
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Car Hire Tortona

Tortona is a magnificent city situated on the right bank of the Scrivia, which between the lowland of Marengo and the mountains of the Ligurian Apennines, bordering the province of Pavia. It is a peaceful town that is bounded with the refreshing green sceneries and cool watercourses. During the ancient period, it was known as Derthona, which is recognized as the oldest cluster from the Roman Empire. The city was was founded early in the 123–118 BC. The place was once a significant military station under the rule of Romans. Today, the city is included on the top lists of the best vacation destinations in Pavia. Travelers visiting the city rent a car to fully embrace the splendid beauty of the city.

  1. Gavi- One of the most popular attractions In Tortona is the town of Gavi. There are several shops and boutiques which are located at the center of Gavi for tourists looking for local craftwork. The place has gained global fame for its prestigious and supremely delicate, Gavi White Wine. Travelers should also not fail to see the fortress building at the townscape, which has become the charm and symbol of Gavi.
  2. Alessandria- Alessandria was founded from the unification of four early villages: Borgoglio, Rovereto, Gamondio and Marengo. Its name was given in respect of Pope Alessandrio III. It is the home of Gambarina Ethnographic Museum. Vacationers may rent a car to visit the museum that features the articles from the Casa Del Lavoro and Battle of the Marengo. The museum also showcases several Napoleonic antiques and the collections of Napoleon's most important battles. It is the topmost visited museum in Tortona.
  3. Cremonlina- Holidaymakers are interested to visit Cremonlina to witness and experience the excitement of various events related to the culture and beliefs of the place. It is known as the festive centers in Tortona. Several events that everybody will surely enjoy at Cremonlina are The Veterane del Borgo Medievale Classic Car Show, Festa delle frittelle, Festa degli Anziani, foot-race, Sagra del Tamburello, International Organ Competition, Ceci, Sagra delle Tagliatelle and Castagnata.
  4. Acqui Terme- Acqui Terme is admired for its botanical garden that is abundant with aromatic plants. Tourists may rent a car to visit, enjoy and feel like heaven at the Bird Garden in its courtyard.
  5. Strevi- Strevi is discovered early in the Roman Imperial period. Many tourists love to visit the place because of its beautiful atmosphere and abundance in fruits and crops. Vacationers also visit the place to see how the finest quality wines in Tortona are produced. Strevi is famous for its good wine production. Several of its wine products are Brachetto, Moscato, Passito, Barbera, Dolcetto, Cortese and DOC wines.
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