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Viale Della Vittoria, 1, Sciacca, 92019 (Italy)
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Car Hire Sciacca

Sciacca is a small town under the province of Agrigento and is situated on south-western coast of Sicily. This city is the melting pot for world tourism due to its unique culture and fascinating views of the serenity of Mediterranean Sea. There are many modes of transport available in this small town including a few trusted car hire services that make touring the town a pleasant experience.

The origin of the town’s name has always been a subject of debates with references to springs of thermal water and al Saqquah dating back to a Syrian god. Sciacca is a royal city that was the most faithful companion to Sicily during many invasions. The rich cultural heritage of this part of Sicily includes many festivals such as the Carnival which is celebrated during the month of February and is a regular event for visitors arriving from all corners of the world.

The Festival of the Madonna del Soccorso is celebrated by the fishing families that immigrated to Boston mass around the 20th century and you can attend it by using a reasonably priced car hire.

There are many restaurants and picturesque sites to visit in Sciacca including:

  1. Piazza Angelo Scandaliato – If you are looking for the quintessential pizza experience then you cannot miss this place. The ingredients are all fresh and the recipes are lip smacking. The staff is very cordial and ensure that you get a true Italian dining experience.
  2. Basilica Maria Santissima del Soccorso – This marble status of Virgin Mary is the epicentre of the cultural heritage of this town. You may get lost amidst the rush of the city and may easily miss this statue unless you use a local car hire to guide you.
  3. Stabilimento Balneare Aloha – This is one of the best beaches in the city and is a regular for all tourists in the area. You can unwind and relax while having a cosy meal at the café on the beach while quenching your heart’s desire for scrumptious salads and pizza.
  4. Studio d'Arte Michele Bono – Although this art studio looks to be a centre of activity as crowds rush through the entrance, once inside you would feel a strange sense of calm settling down. This studio is truly a feast for eyes with the artist expressing himself through many paintings, portraits and a vivid play of colors and shadows.
  5. Castello Incantato – This is a vast estate encompassing incomparable beauty and any trip to Sciacca is incomplete without taking a stroll down the countryside as you observe the artist channelling his energy by drawing on the walls of the house. If you take a car hire on your way back to city centre you would be able to enjoy the pretty scenery and experience the nostalgic beauty of this town.
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